Wednesday 19 February 2020

Things that Kids Love but Parents Hate!

{Collaborative Content}There are many things about parenthood that are a total joy. The snuggles, the sweet baby who smiles at you with their eyes wide open filled with love and affection, the laughter - it’s all a part of parenthood and we love it. There are, of course, other things about parenthood that we all hate - and these are things that our children love!

Parents get a lot of hassle from their kids. They want to have the newest toys, the best kid's party entertainment in the school, the latest gadgets. They watch TV shows that are so different from the ones that we watch and we just don't get them! So, with that in mind, we’ve got five examples of things that children love and parents just hate. Let’s take a look!

  • Crafting
Every parent loves the magazine pictures of sitting with the children and painting, or making PlayDoh. The problem is that while baking cookies is fun, it’s so frustrating to try and make cookies with a child who doesn't know how to do it right. Almost every parent hates the mess, the glitter, the tidy up (because let’s face it, we do that!). Crafting? Best for kids, not for parents.
  • Kids Magazines
It’s a nice treat to give, considering you don’t want to buy candy or chips from the store, but kids magazines get left to one side for the cheap plastic toys stuck to the front. The educational part of the magazine with the pictures to color in aren’t as exciting for a child, and guess who’s going to leave plastic toys around for you to clean up? Yep - the kids!
  • YouTube
You may only have a baby and haven't been introduced to the joys of YouTube yet, but you will. And then you’ll meet Blippi and the whole gang, and you’ll want to bury your face in a pillow and scream.
  • Balloons
Whether you have been to the stores or to a kid’s party, your child will beg you for balloons at some point or another. When they see one, they need it, and you’ll be the one carrying it home so it doesn't blow away. Once it’s at home, they want nothing to do with it. They want to leave it in the corner as it slowly deflates for two weeks, and when you go to dispose of it? THEY NEED IT. Yeah, balloons aren’t your friend, especially if it pops and traumatizes your child.
  • Bubbles
Every child goes nuts for bubbles, but parents? Not so much. Bubble residue all over the floor makes the floor slippery and when the bubbles run out, you do your best to replace them with dish soap and it’s just not the same! Bubbles are great for five minutes and then the child wants to hold them and SPLASH they go all over the floor.

There are plenty more things that parents hate but their children love, but that’s something to discover as you go on this crazy parenting ride you’re on. Enjoy it!

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