Monday 8 October 2018

Zoomer Hungry Bunny *Review*

Meet Chewy.....our cute, lovable and interactive robot bunny! Zoomer hungry bunny eats, giggles and even poops as well as being a lovely little friend. 

Included in the box is one interactive bunny, a ton of paper food ready for hungry bunny to eat, a little storage basket and a treat tracer so you can ensure bunny always has a plentiful supply of treats. 

Elarna was so excited to receive Chewy, she absolutely adores animals and any toy that is interactive she really does love. The idea that she could feed her and then she'd poop it out provided much amusement! Less so to me who then had to clean the endless bits of confetti poop that appeared around the house!

There are a few things that Chewy does other than eat and poop, she chatters, wiggles her ears, her eyes light up, giggles, sings and you can play an interactive magical music game with her.

Chewy makes a great companion and Elarna loves keeping her near carrying the little treat basket with her. Although you are provided with 80 paper treats for the rabbit to munch on if your child enjoys feeding it as much as mine they won't last ages, however the treat tracer is included so you can make your own treats once the supplied amount is gone.

A colourful and interesting selection of treats below! Not what actual rabbits eat but Chewy loves the carrot, popsicle, fruit combo! Watch out for the poop confetti afterwards......

Retailing for around £29.99 it's not a bad price for an interactive toy, it's a nice little toy for encouraging a child to look after a pet, feed it, comfort it and generally look after it so if you're considering a pet and not too sure buy this first and see how your child gets on!

What did we love?

  • A lovely little toy to play with and provide amusement
  • I like that it encourages a child to be responsible for something
  • Cute, fluffy and endearing, great little gift!
  • Not a bad price for an interactive toy
  • That there is a treat tracer included to make sure they never run out of treats
Anything we weren't so keen on?

  • It would have been nice to available in a couple more colour varieties
  • Can become easily jammed if your child is a little over vigorous with feeding treats!

There are two varieties available, Chewy is all white and fluffy and Shreddy is pink with green ears. Both are so cute and adorable. Please scroll down for more photos of Elarna playing with her zoomer hungry bunny!

Chewy would make a great gift, perfect with Christmas coming up and readily available from many leading retailers.

* We were kindly sent a zoomer hungry bunny free of charge in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are my own.

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