Wednesday 17 October 2018

Creating an Effective Work Space.

My husband has recently become a fully home based worker. Prior to this he did work from home now and again but now it is a permanent thing. When we moved to our house 3 years ago we knew he'd need some type of office space so it was important that there would be some sort of space to allow this to happen. Thankfully he now has his very own office space to work in but he's had to make sure it's fit for purpose as an office and in this post I'm going to share with you how we've made this room as effective and productive working space for him. 

  • Firstly and probably most important, he has a large office desk, , his runs pretty much the entire length of one wall which allows him to have multiple computer screens and a printer on it and for his laptop as well as a variety of papers and other bits and pieces, for more inspiration head over here and have a look at these  office desks. He does have some pictures of the children too which makes it a bit more of a personal work space.

  • Next which is also important he has a comfortable and proper office chair, it is fully adjustable, has arms and can be pushed under the desk when not in use. It's so important when at a desk all day to have a chair that is ok for the back and supports it, it's also so important to remember to take regular breaks. For a variety of office chairs use the link to browse.

  • Bookcases and filing cabinet, I'm sure most people who have an office at home have these bits of furniture. Of course we store no work related items in them but for my husband it is handy to have some extra storage for books, documents, files etc etc.

  • A door that shuts or even better....locks! Our door doesn't actually lock to the study but my husband has considered it to be sure that when he's on an important call there is zero chance of the kids bursting in! 

  • A good lamp/light. My husband has an all singing/all dancing light that adjusts to the darkness of the room as well as having different settings depending on your preference. It's not good to have to strain your eyes so this is a must. 

  • Finally, decorated in a fairly neutral colour to prevent distractions and be a calming atmosphere. It's hard to stay chilled working from home but when the study feels a nice place to be in it certainly makes it easier.
These are a few tips but I'm sure there is more and if you have any other tips please do share! For all your furniture needs and requirements head on over to office furniture London for all your office needs. Any other suggestions?

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