Friday 31 August 2018

Mrs. Wordsmith Narrative Journey *Review*

The building blocks of storytelling, vocabulary bringing the stories to life. Encouraging children to learn words in context and boost their reading and writing age in a fun and engaging manner. 

What is it?

This is Mrs. Wordsmith

Alfie at 6 years old is an avid reader. He adores his books and has done from a very young age, I remember sitting with him at just over 2 years old and we had to read book after book before bedtime. He has continued to read and now reads brilliantly independently but these do tend to be more factual books such as encyclopedias and information books. School has taught him a great deal about phonics, segmenting words and enabled him to read independently so naturally as he is so interested I'm always eager to encourage this enthusiasm.

We were recently sent a Mrs.Wordsmith narrative journey monthly subscription (RRP £19.95 a month or pay upfront £199 which works out as £16.58 a month so saves a few pennies) box to try out and review. The ethos behind the subscription boxes are simple, children learn better visually and we all know that learning in short bursts is a much more effective way of children retaining things. Also that a word a day habit is a very good way of teaching a child to have a strong vocabulary, also it is said the more rare words a child knows the higher their reading and writing age.

Within the monthly sub box is a word of the day stand, word pair card decks and word of the day workbooks. All illustrated brilliantly and hilariously by the Hollywood artists behind the film Madagascar. They really do capture the attention and interest of the child which is such a positive way to encourage the child to learn and want to learn.

The main thing to do is learn the word, build a word wall and remember it and then store it within the binder for future reference, it is a simple as that. The word cards are commonly paired words and these are for use on the go. We found the whole thing a truly brilliant way to encourage a child to continue to learn and build upon their current knowledge. Alfie loves learning in short bursts so this was ideal for him and the illustrations definitely encouraged him to want to learn the words more. We found it easy to follow and I liked having the binder to store the words in, the work books were a great addition as it enabled Alfie to put theory into practice, at times he did need some adult help and guidance but mostly did brilliantly.

I found the words and activities within the work book age appropriate and a great addition alongside Alfie's current learning. It's boosted his vocabulary in a positive way and I felt he enjoyed doing it. There is also a social journey available for slightly younger children which is designed to help them express themselves from a younger age. The social journey introduces new vocabulary on a foundation of familiar words so ideal if your child is in pre-school or about to start school.

Overall we really enjoyed our Mrs. Wordsmith journey, it's a good concept and one that sits nicely alongside school learning. More information can be found by heading over to the website, please do go and check it out.

* Please note we were kindly sent the item free of charge in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are our own.


  1. I agree - children learn better visually. Love the concept.


  2. I'm always a fan of things that encourage educational fun #BloggersBest

  3. That looks really interesting, what a great idea and a great way of increasing a child's vocabulary and love of writing.

  4. Sounds like a really cute subscription, and a great way for kids to learn new words! How cool the artists behind Madagascar do the illustrations. #bloggersbest


  5. Wow this sounds so neat! This would be great for teachers too, especially for pushing the growth of those advanced students and early finishers.

  6. This looks great to encourage Alfie further. Fab he is so keen and hope it lasts!! xx #bloggersbest

  7. I love sharing books with my kids. You can't put a price on that and the invaulable things they learn x #BloggingBeautifully

  8. This is a neat subscription box. Fun and they learn something! A win! #bloggersbest

  9. Such a good idea to complement a childs learning #BloggersBest

  10. BB is 7 & I'm sure she would love this - never heard of it before! #bloggersbest


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