Thursday 2 August 2018

Keeping the Kids safe during Summer Holidays!

With Summer holidays well under way now it's so important that we not only enjoy ourselves and give our children the best memories but to remain vigilant and safe. This article below looks at how we can help keep our kids safe during the Summer holidays.
Keeping your kids safe during the summer holidays.
At the start of the summer holidays parents have a lot to think about, childcare arrangements, keeping children entertained but also safety is at the forefront. It’s a time when kids are out doing activities, on holiday and generally doing things that kids do.  
Keeping children safe is not always easy and as a law firm who deals with personal injury, we unfortunately tend to see an uplift of accidents which are occurring during this period.  If you are going abroad make sure that you have adequate insurance as it is invaluable when you need it.
To help improve safety, London based solicitors Hodge Jones & Allen personal injury team, have come up with some top tips to help keep your children safe:
Doing Activities:

- If you are cycling or doing any activity which requires a helmet with your children make sure that they wear the helmet and that it is fitted correctly as this can help if they have an accident.  

- Make sure that if your children are going somewhere that they have your contact details with them including the address for the accommodation and an emergency contact number.

- You should make the activity organisers aware if your children have any allergies or medical information that they need to know.

- If you are going somewhere outside the EU there may be different safety standards so just be aware of this and ensure you are comfortable with these  
By the pool:
If you are on holiday and there is a pool make sure that you do not leave younger children unattended. Children also love to dive and bomb in a pool but check that it is deep enough for them to do this as it can cause serious injuries.  
Make sure that you pack buoyancy aids for children who need them. Sometimes these aren’t available from the resorts and they can save a child’s life.  
Look out for trip hazards which can lead to an injury. Make sure kids stay safe and don’t run.  
In the sea:
It seems obvious but the sea can pose a great danger with rip tides and currents. If you are with your children check that the beach is safe and if in doubt stay very close to the shore.
Check if there is a life guard on duty in case there is an emergency. It can also be beneficial to position yourself and your family in their eyesight.  
Make sure you can see your children at all times and that you understand the flag system on beaches:

In the Sun:
With the recent hot weather, make sure that you are applying sun screen regularly and after swimming. It should be a high factor such as factor 50 to decrease the risk to your child.   

At the hotel
If you’re staying at an all-inclusive holiday resort make sure you check that the food is fresh to reduce the risk of getting food poisoning. If in doubt it’s probably best to leave it.  
If you have a balcony with the room make sure that it is safe and there is no way that smaller children could fall.  
If you are going further afield make sure that you know the risks and have the necessary immunisations.  
Clearly, these tips do not cover all of the risks associated with potential accidents that can happen to children during your trip overseas. These are the basic level things you need to think about for child safety and should bear in mind when taking the children on summer holidays this year.

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