Tuesday 7 August 2018

Home Improvements for Small Dog Families

3 Home-Improvement Requirements for Small Dog Families
You need not have a small house to harbour a small breed dog. Even the Queen of England has her heart set on a highly popular small breed. Being a proud small-dog parent comes with some work.
Once you bring a small-breed home you are bound to realise that they have some not-so-everyday needs. Even if you are flirting with the idea of getting a small breed dog, you need to consider some home improvement requirements.
No, you do not need to install a mega-sized doggy door like you would for a Great Dane. No, you do not need to raise the height of your table to keep your lovable Labrador dog out of your plate. Yes, you do need to make some small adjustments for your small family member.

Lower Your Furniture
There are many small dog owners who want their dogs to sleep in their own beds or crates. But cuddling with small dogs is a blissful experience. To enable such cuddles your furniture has to be small-dog accessible. If you have high furniture then you might end up recording a ton of fail videos.
Getting a laugh out of those fails are harmful to your dogs in the long run. Breeds like Dachshunds can end up with irreversible back and leg problems by having to jump too high. Your pet might seem fine but with age, the problems are sure to show up. All pet health advice and tips recommend small dogs remain as grounded as possible. You may either adjust your furniture or buy small-dog accessible furniture.

Give Them a Boost
Try to follow pet health advice and tips by giving your small-dog a boost. With a small dog, you have the option of choosing which furniture is accessible. Making your pre-existing furniture shorter is out of the question? There is still hope to get your pet a regular and safe passage to your furniture. Get a sturdy footstool. A nice big footstool can be propped up against any furniture to help your dog climb.
When getting a footstool, keep a few things in mind-
•           You may need to get your dog used to the footstool to access your furniture.
•           Always keep the footstool firmly supported against a heavy furniture.
•           If the footstool has a smooth surface then put a mat or towel on it to give your dog some grip.
•           The footstool should not be too high for the dog to climb.
If a footstool does not cut it then going for a small and sturdy step ladder may do the job.
Throw in a Sandbox and Manicure the Lawn
The biggest common threat to all dogs is ticks and fleas. Small-dogs are more at risk when they encounter thick foliage. Letting your lawn run wild is not an option. So, you have to keep your yard well-trimmed.
Setting up a sandbox also helps small dogs get more exercise. Given a sandbox your dog is less likely to go rummaging in your garden. Maintain a garden and a small dog with a simple home improvement move.

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