Monday 9 July 2018

Twisty Petz *review*

Sometimes a toy comes around that I/we absolutely love. Even 3 years down the line with having a daughter I get excited when I receive something that is cute, sparkly, fun and unique. Don't get me wrong I LOVE playing Lego with Alfie, don't mind his dinosaurs and animals nor do I mind trains (at times) but it is nice to inject a bit girlyness into the mix, sometimes even Lego can become a bit dull!

We were recently sent a selection of Twisty Pets (available from a variety leading retailers) and as soon I saw these I knew myself and my jewellery loving daughter were going to love these. Elarna is constantly trying to pinch my bracelets (expensive ones at that!) and I often find her draped in my necklace's so these couldn't have arrived at a better time, what better way to distract my magpie of a daughter than with her very own glitsy, jewelled petz!

What are Twisty Petz?

Well they are beautiful, bejewelled petz that transform into the cutest little bracelets, necklace's or even bag charms, the possibilities are endless. Simply twist to make into petz and then untwist to make it glitzy jewellery.

There are loads to collect and we received a great selection, amongst ours we had a kitty, bunny, pony and several more. What I love about Twisty Petz is how easy they are to use. It really is simply a case of untwisting the pet and snapping the ends into each other to turn into jewellery. Once snapped into place they are secure but pretty easy to unsnap. To turn back into pets you simply twist again to turn then back. Brilliant! I spent quite alot of time playing around with these on my own, ha!

You can purchase Twisty Petz individually or as a three set or as a baby four pack which includes a jewelled storage case and some super cute little charms. This was our favourite out of the bunch I would say, Elarna loves the little jewelled case which she can store a couple of the bracelets in it and the added charms are adorable.

Priced between £5.00 - £13.00 these really don't break the bank and would make fabulous birthday gifts or reward presents. Elarna really was absolutely delighted with them and loves wearing them and twisting them into little creatures when she pleases and can turn then back with a little help. 

So what did we like?

  • They are cute, sparkly and appealing, we love the unique nature of Twisty Petz
  • Easy to turn into bracelets and then back into petz!
  • Affordable, great price for a multi functioning toy
  • Lots of different varieties so you can add more to the Twisty Petz gang
  • Aimed at 4 years plus, although Elarna is only 3 she played with these brilliantly and I think she will continue to do so for a while longer

Anything we were not so keen on?
  • Overall we loved everything about Twisty Petz, I guess the only thing I would say is they are made of small beads so could pose a choking risk should they snap, however ours have been tugged and pulled a fair bit and they do seem fairly robust. I would keep them out of reach of very little ones though.

Elarna had so much fun posing with them I have decided to include several of the pictures as I couldn't choose! So please check them out.

Below are the little mini petz, you can choose to join these together to make a large necklace or a bracelet, they possibilities are endless really! We just love them!

As mentioned previously in the post, Twisty Petz are available from leading retailers and range in price. Please do go and check them out, they would make fab gifts!

* Please note we were kindly sent a selection of Twisty Petz in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are our own.


  1. Ah we had a sample of one of these and I thought they were a great idea!! Elarna looks like she loves them xx #bloggersbest x

  2. Have not seen these yet! Looks cool. #bloggersbest

  3. these look great. I bet my boys would love them too! #bloggersbest

  4. Anya has some Twisty Petz and they are brilliant as toys and fashion accessories! We love them! #bloggersbest


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