Monday 2 July 2018

Imaginative Play with Casdon

Elarna is very much into role playing at the moment, it's one of her favourite things to do. She will quite happily play with her toy kitchen and ice cream cart for ages and takes great delight in roping us in to play with her and be the customers serving us an array of food and drinks mmmm mmmm. We have had some questionable breakfasts made but all in the name of fun, right! We recently reviewed the Casdon Hetty Cleaning Trolley and have been lucky to be sent another few Casdon bits and pieces to enhance Elarna and Alfie's imaginations.

We were sent a Little Shopper trolley, a selection of plastic, pretend food (44 pieces included) and a Hetty mop and bucket. We loved this little bundle, Elarna could not wait to test out the trolley and of course the food had to be tipped out all over the floor (immediately) to be played with! 

There is very little required to set the items up to be played with. The mop and bucket you simply pop the squeegee bit onto the bucket and add the stickers, the play food cardboard items do need making up which can be a little time consuming and the trolley requires a couple of tools to be able to make it. I convinced my husband to make the trolley up, he is way quicker than I would be and had it up and ready within 15 minutes. The only issue we had with the trolley was one of the wheels kept popping off so we ended up gluing it to make it secure, this hasn't affected the trolley itself.

As you can see Elarna was absolutely delighted! Casdon really is the one stop shop for all your imaginative, role play items there is so much to choose from on the website. The items are also very reasonably priced, the mop and bucket is around £7.00, the pretend food is about £12.00 and the super little trolley is £14.99 and they are all available from leading retailers.  

We loved the selection of pretend food, there was tons of it and it couldn't have come at a better time as some of our old pretend play food had definitely seen better days. Also Elarna is very much into helping Daddy cook and it's helping her identify what ingredients he is using and she is pretend cooking along, so cute!

I think role playing is absolutely vital to child development and social development. I notice more when Elarna plays in this way that she is very interactive, at nursery she also enjoys role playing and I think this is so important for her in developing friendships. I also adore seeing her imagination run wild. Alfie never really used to be into pretend play as much as she is, he is much more inventive now but Elarna will quite happily pretend to be a shop keeper, cleaner or doctor/nurse.

If you have a child that enjoys pretend play please do check out the Casdon items, the imagination is endless.

* Please note we were kindly sent the items free of charge in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are our own.


  1. My girls used to love toys like this when they were little....I love that shopping trolley. It's so cute. #bloggersbest

  2. We love Casdon play sets here. My boys love their post office #bloggersbest

  3. Looks like Elarna loved these, I know Poppy definitely would! #bloggersbest x

  4. Ah both my two will love these. They love pretending to do what I do! xx #bloggersbest

  5. We love Casdon toys, they are brilliant and add so much to game play. L has a ride on Henry Hoover he is far too old for but will not give up, he loves it #bloggersbest

  6. Learning about the adult world is so important. These look like great toys for inspiring imaginative play #bloggersbest

  7. We have that exact same trolley, my girls both love it. #BloggersBest


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