Thursday 21 June 2018

Feel Beautiful with Fee Marraine Boutique

After having babies, finding clothes that flatter and suit the post baby figure can be something of a struggle. It's a fact of life that after harbouring a small person inside your body for around 9 months your body is going to go through some changes. There are clothes in my wardrobe that I'd love to wear again but don't feel I ever will, yet can't bring it in me to get rid of them. I still find, 3 years on from my 2nd baby I struggle to accept my softer stomach, wobbly bits and things that perhaps aren't where they used to be.....I'm sure you get where I'm coming from! This is where the lovely Fee Marraine Boutique could help you out. 

A little bit about the online shop: 

Dreaming of being a fashion designer, Valentina grabbed the opportunity of chasing her dream when she could. Not an easy decision, but when her husband convinced her to follow the dream the boutique was born. Valentina creates beautiful and flattering post natal clothing that are both functional and lovely to wear.  Everything is hand made (how amazing is that!) and it's clear from reading about Valentina and looking at the online boutique that she puts her heart and soul into all she does. 

One thing I love about the boutique is that the usual sizing of clothing (e.g size 10, 12, 14, 16 etc) are not labelled as this and instead are alluring, captivating, delectable, ravishing, saucy, scrumptious, spellbinding and voluptuous - I love this method sizing! Perhaps shops on the high street should take note. 

There is something delightful about the beautiful selection of items that Valentina features on the website, I have chosen a few of my favourite's and featured them below, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

How gorgeous is this floaty number? I would wear this on an evening out, would be perfect for my holiday in France! I also love it teamed with the converse below, adds a different dimension to it I think.
Or how about this cute little baby doll number? It's also breastfeeding friendly with trademark zippers, so if you are or aren't this item is versatile as well as pretty.


Finally, this beautiful blouse. I love a shirt/blouse and this is floral, pretty and totally me. I would wear this with leggings or jeggings and pair with either heels for a night out of flip flops for a more relaxed look - gorgeous!

I really like the ethos surrounding the boutique, it will appeal to so many ladies that are struggling with their post natal body or wanting to dress to impress after having a baby. There is a lovely selection of items and I'm sure that Valentina would do anything to help or offer advice on styles. Please do go and have a look at the boutique, it's really important we help small businesses to thrive, so go have a nose!

* Written in collaboration with Fee Marraine Boutique. 

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