Thursday 15 February 2018

Ways to Keep Gadgets Safe when Travelling.

Ways to Keep Gadgets Safe When Travelling with Kids
When you’ve got kids, you’ll realise how chaotic it can be travelling anywhere. From a simple trip to the shop to going on a family holiday, keeping track of all your belongings and theirs can become a real struggle. In the modern world we use and rely on so many gadgets on a daily basis, from our phones and tablets to electronic toys, that they can easily get lost or damaged when travelling. Whether you’re using public transport or driving with your family, there are ways to help them stay safe
Screen Protectors
One of the easiest and cheapest ways to protect smartphones and tablets from the sticky, clumsy hands of children is with screen protectors. You can often find a pack of three or five for a couple of quid online or in a pound shop. If you let your kids play on your phone or watch videos to keep them entertained on long journeys, this can prevent serious scratch damage to screens, especially when you invest in a decent phone case as well.  
After damaging or breaking your gadgets while on the move, simply losing them will be the other main worry. Thankfully there are a range of tracking gadgets available which can be coupled with everything from your phone to set of keys. Most of these work by sticking a small device or sticker to your precious gadget, which is connected to an app or via Bluetooth, so if it goes missing this can be used to instantly see where it is.  

Pop Sockets
Juggling a child or two while trying to use the map app on your phone to see where you’re going and picking up the cuddly toy they keep dropping is going to end in disaster. Usually it’s the most expensive item that gets dropped and cracks. With Pop Sockets though, these expanding grip cases make holding onto your phone or tablet in such a situation far easier. They can also be great on trains as a stand for your device.  
Finally, it won’t stop your gadgets being dropped, damaged or lost, but taking out the appropriate insurance to cover any financial loss is vital. Even if you don’t think your current phone is worth much, it’s nice to receive some financial compensation rather than nothing should the worst happen.
The unpredictability of travelling with kids means anything can happen, so it’s nearly impossible to keep your gadgets truly safe. Still, these methods should go some way to reducing that risk.  

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