Friday 2 February 2018

How to use Tarpaulin when Camping!

Alternative Uses for a Tarpaulin During a Camping Trip
If you’re looking for a durable, versatile piece of camping equipment than a tarpaulin sheet is just what you need. The main aim when going camping is to pack everything you need in as little space as possible, as there’s nothing more frustrating than having loads of things with you and nowhere to keep it all. When it comes to camping, less is always more, and tarpaulin sheets are ideal for providing you with an essential piece of equipment that does so much more than on job.
Shelter from Weather
Many people think of heavy rain when it comes to creating a shelter around their campsite, but it’s not always the rain you need to hide from. When you’re camping, you’re exposed to the weather for very long periods of the day, so it’s important to have protection from whatever weather conditions you may be camping in. Using a tarpaulin sheet to cover the area you’re camping in will provide you with an area that will shield you from the rain, snow, wind and more importantly, from the sunshine. The sun is one of most important things to be cautious of, which many people fail to do. If you are exposed to direct sunlight for too long you may find yourself feeling faint or sick, so you need to have a break from it every few hours when spending the whole day outdoors.

Cover up Equipment
Having enough space when camping is almost always impossible, especially when it comes to the larger items. You often find that many people find it much easier to keep certain items, such as larger water bottles, chairs, tables etc outside the tent, which is a great idea if the weather is good, but you can never guarantee that. Covering your equipment and essential items with a tarpaulin will simply help to keep the items dry and safe, preventing any potential damage whilst also keeping the items neat and tidy at the same time.

Protect Your Tent
When the bad weather conditions kick in, you need to have more than just your tent to keep you dry and safe. Most tents come with a protective ground sheet to prevent the water from soaking into the tent area, but this isn’t always enough. Placing a tarpaulin sheet underneath your tent will help to keep the ground area dry and stop any rainwater from soaking into the tent. Similarly, you could use a tarp sheet to cover the top of your tent, especially if the wind is particularly bad. The tarp will work as a windbreaker and prevent your tent from shaking or blowing around. It will also really help if any unwanted items blow into the tent, as it works as a second barrier to protect the contents of the tent properly.
Shield Wood
If you’re lucky enough to have a fire pit in your campsite, then you’ll need plenty of wood to keep you going throughout your trip. The only downside to having lots of wood stocked up for the fire is that once it gets wet, it’s almost impossible to use it on the fire. To prevent the wood from getting wet when not in use, cover it fully with a tarpaulin to simply keep them dry and fresh. You’ll find it much easier to start a roaring fire with the driest wood possible.
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