Friday 6 October 2017

Potty Training Top Tips!

We are very much now into the swing of potty training. It wasn't something I'd been looking for,ward to it was quite a stressful experience with Alfie and I admit to putting it off some what with Elarna. The signs were there, I knew she was pretty much ready but we decided that we'd wait until we returned from holiday to really go for it. So far she's been doing really well, better than Alfie because she's been doing both wee's and poo's! We've had the odd accident of course, that goes without saying but mostly she's been doing brilliantly. I thought I'd compile a list of some tips that may help with the quest to succeeding at potty training. I hope you find them helpful!

  • Be committed and consistent. I think this is probably the main thing when potty training. I do still put Elarna in pull ups if we're going out in the car or out and about as she's not quite at the stage of being able to get to the potty in time if she needs it. However, when we're in the house or she's in nursery she's in knickers for the day and is now pretty used to this. 

  • Invest in a potty training book. We found the Pirate Pete one brilliant when we were getting Alfie trained so this Princess Polly one for Elarna is also great, the sound effect button is useful and the story itself is age appropriate and appealing. 

  • Accidents will happen. This is part and parcel of potty training. Stock up on wipes, kitchen roll, spare pants and clothes and make sure if an accident does happen have a potty close by to sit them on. We've found by doing this Elarna starts to associate it with going for a wee and soons gets back in the swing of reaching the potty in time. 
  • Have lots of potties! We have several dotted around the house so there's always one available to Elarna should she need to pee or poo. We have standard ones but also have fun ones that are available from Kiddies Kingdom which are brilliant. We have the summer infant all in one and stepping stool (RRP £24.99 but on sale for £15.99) and the OK baby quack potty (RRP £16.00) and both are fab and Elarna loves using them. The all in one is great as it's like a mini toilet with a loo seat and easy to empty scoop that slots in and out with ease, it also comes with cute stickers that the child can use to accessorise the potty. The baby quack potty is just as great with a squeaky beak and handles to hold as well as a cover for the potty part. They really do make potty training a bit more exciting. 
Excuse the peeling stickers Elarna likes to peel and re-stick them around the potty!

  • Praise, praise, praise! When Elarna has had a successful wee or poo we clap, we cheer and generally act like loons so she knows she's doing brilliantly. I also give stickers and if she's done really well during the day she's allowed some sweets as an extra special treat. Rewarding her ensures her commitment to using the potty and it usually works. 

With potty training it's easy to get stressed out with potty but as we found with Alfie patience is the key. It has been easier 2nd time around definitely and Elarna has got the hang of it much quicker than Alfie but she's not completely potty trained yet. I don't think we're far off but for the moment we're just going at her pace, not rushing her and taking from her lead. I suppose I've been a bit more laid back with it, I felt I put alot of pressure on Alfie and ourselves with trying to succeed in potty training, it's not something I wanted to be like with Elarna, she's led the way herself.

So who else is on the potty training journey with me? How are you getting on? Please do share any tips with me!

* Please note we were kindly sent the potties free of charge! All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. I love the idea of celebrating doing a poo haha! We aren't quite there yet as mine is only 14 months, but I'm interested to hear what the signs are that they are ready.

  2. I love the idea of celebrating a poo, haha! We aren't quite at that stage yet as mine is only 14 months but I'm interested to hear what signs there are that show they are ready #thatfridaylinky

  3. Heard it all although we have cheered a poo in our house before now it’s a dmstrange thing to do haha great tips x Thank you for linking to #ThatFridayLinky Please come back next week

  4. I love the duck potty! #BloggersBest

  5. I had that Pirate Pete book and found it really helpful for my son to understand the process when going through potty training x #bloggersbest

  6. I love the potties! So original and I bet really help. We also used the Princess Polly book too. Great tips and good luck xx #bloggersbest

  7. Fab potties! L never got on with a potty and loves just using the toilet, which is fine for the most part. He still hasn't managed to get there 100% though and it is hard not to lose patience but like you say, patience is definitely key #bloggersbest

  8. I think girls potty train easier than boys! Zach is 18 months old and nowhere near ready yet. My older 2 were both dry at night before they managed it during the day #bloggersbest

  9. Last but not least, pack plenty of sanitary wipes. If you are on the road or a hotel room, you want to make sure that you can keep the potty seat as clean as possible. Best Travel Potty


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