Tuesday 3 October 2017

Couple Time at Wyboston Lakes.

We all need a break from normality sometimes. The endless hours working, looking after the kids, cooking, cleaning, homework, washing, tidying........ etc, etc, etc. The list simply goes on. It's very rare that hubby and I get any couple time, the last time we had a full night away from the kids was New Years Eve and that wasn't exactly relaxing (parenting with a hangover the next day is never fun). 

Our wedding anniversary is August 15th, we never normally do much for it, we either try and go out for a meal together or Adi will cook. This year I desperately wanted us to have some time alone so we could kind of reconnect....although my husband finds it weird when I say we need to reconnect, he doesn't think we've disconnected so thought I was  strange to say it. I'm sure you guys will know what I mean though! I  just felt we needed time to be adults, have a few hours away from the kids and chill out. Life is just so busy, to be able to relax and forget about the mundane jobs and tasks that need doing would do us the world of good. We've had quite a few downs in the last year so a pick me up was needed. So I booked Wyboston Lakes. I booked it and could. not. wait.

So our weekend away arrived and I'm not going to lie I was excited! The thought of having uninterrupted sleep and being pampered was pretty appealing! I practically skipped out of the door when we left, I hoped that my Mum and Dad  (who were the designated babysitters) would get some sleep but I was more hopeful that we were going to get more sleep than them! We made the short journey (about 20 minutes) to Wyboston in Bedfordshire where we were going for the sunrise spa package. 

Being truthful, on arrival I was a bit underwhelmed, the exterior does appear to be quite conference like and your typical grey bricked building. I needn't have worried though the inside is modern, fresh, bright and welcoming and the staff on the front desk nothing more than accommodating. Our check in was swift, professional and courteous. We could see the spa from the reception desk and I could almost feel the relaxation begin. We had the evening to enjoy first though......

We were staying in a deluxe double and it really was lovely. I believe they have been refurbished recently and they are decorated and accessorised very nicely. In the deluxe rooms you have access to a complimentary mini bar (picture below), a fab espresso machine, Molton Brown toiletries (we had THE most gorgeous scent which was ylang ylang and I was so cross when my hubby decided to drop the bottle of shower gel all over the shower before I'd even used it, erghhh men!). These rooms also have a super king size bed (uh-mah-zing), Hungarian down topped mattress and a choice of pillows. We also had a rather fancy tablet to use which had numerous features like being able to order room service, browse the spa treatments and shop as well as local area info. 

The room was a lovely size and I liked that there was seating available as well as the bed, the en suite was also of a generous size and fresh and bright, I particularly enjoyed the rainfall shower with the funky lights that changed colour.....it was like a disco shower, I don't get out much, it's the simplest of things that pleases me! My only real gripe was the room was very, very hot and although there was a fan provided it didn't do much. I was informed that air conditioning units are in the pipeline which I think considering that the hotel is a conference suite as well as spa hotel it would be a huge bonus. I also felt the carpet in the hallways up to the rooms was really quite tired and grubby looking but to be honest this was a very minor, picky detail and it hardly ruined our stay. 

We had arrived late afternoon to allow ourselves enough time to chill and get ready for dinner. It was so nice to sit and relax in quiet. We put the TV on, had some prosecco and just chilled for a good hour. It was lush. 

We made our way down to the restaurant and there was a fab atmosphere. Really friendly and a good vibe, busy but not so that you feel rushed. We were choosing from a set menu that was included with our package, we chose to pay a little extra and have the steaks and I have to say the food on a whole was pretty good. Sometimes with larger hotels with restaurants inclusive the food can be a bit hit and miss but we both really enjoyed our choices. I apologise for my food shots, I am in no way a food blogger as you can see! 

After dinner we took our wine and headed to the little snug area where there was a crackling log fire, dimmed lighting, reclining loungers, egg seats and cosy blankets with magazines scattered around to read if you so wished. We sat and chatted while we finished our drinks, it was so chilled out I think we could have both fallen asleep there. 

After our restful (but hot and I mean as in temperature not the other sort of 'hot') we made our way down to breakfast (the choice of cooked or continental and was fab by the way) before donning our robes and slippers and heading to the Y-Spa. The spa is located within the hotel and you enter through the temptingly stocked shop. We were shown around briefly and given our wrist bands which brilliantly work opening the doors and lockers so no need to carry any cash around. You can also register your credit card should you wish to order anything in the little cafe or outside bar, rather handy and saves carrying things around with you.

Within the spa are a variety of different zones, the steamy, softy, salty, some like it hot, chill zone, big sleep and of course the hydrotherapy pool. We spent most of our time in the rather delightful hydrotherapy pool. Think a warm, bubbling jacuzzi bath but alot bigger with reclining areas to lie on and let the warm, bubbles immerse you and relax you. It was utterly divine. We made our way around the various sauna's and steam rooms, although I avoided the some like it hot as that's a bit too much for me, I was however informed by my husband that it was indeed hot but good to sit in. I preferred the softy sauna which was a bit gentler than the others. The chill zone was pretty fresh with its cooling mist shower and frost wall, perfect to cool down after having the experience of the sauna heat. The spa itself smelt absolutely incredible, it took me right back to being on honeymoon in Bali, it was such a nice scent. I also liked that there was a water dispenser that you could help yourself to ensuring hydration.

It all felt very indulgent having some adult time with the option of having a glass of prosecco or wine brought to you while submerged in the warmth of the hydrotherapy pool. I literally felt all my stress and angst drift away with the bubbles. We also felt that it wasn't too busy, although there were lots of people and when it was at its maximum it was a tiny bit of a squeeze in the pool and perhaps not enough seating around it,  I felt it didn't feel like we were in a cattle market. 

While Adi was chilling by the pool I decided to check out the big sleep (think a quiet, warm area with beds that you can lie in and zzzz), I also popped to the room next door which is the time out zone full of swivelling egg seats (so lovely to curl up in and hide away) that you can curl up in and read or just sit quietly, behind these are so rather relaxing waterbeds warmed to body temperature, I lay in one and had to force myself to get up as I could have stayed there all day. Amazing. 

I was booked in for a Murad facial at 11:30am, I tend not to go for massage's these days and opt for either nails or face so today it was the face that needed the love. I definitely needed some TLC in that area due to lack of sleep! My therapist was Claire who was really lovely, she took the time to chat to me about my skin and skin care regime before explaining the treatment to me and what products she'd be using. The facial lasted 45 minutes and was £80, it was a beautiful experience. Very relaxing and the products used felt luxurious and my skin looked and felt incredible afterwards, really moisturised, glowy and youthful. We had a lunch reservation (also included in the price) so after the facial I wasn't really able to go back into the spa. I decided to go and get changed slowly and meet Adi to go for lunch. To say I was disappointed my spa morning had come to an end was an understatement. I was so not ready for it to be finished!

After we'd had our buffet lunch (once again really lovely) it was time for us to settle up and leave. I was quite sad, I really felt that I could have done with another couple of hours of chilling out and pampering! 

Overall, we had the most amazing spa weekend. It was utterly divine and I really did feel incredibly relaxed. It wasn't the cheapest (our total cost came in at around £280) but was it worth it?? Without a doubt it was. It was exactly what we needed, some adult/couple time, peace and quiet and to be able to have a conversation without the constant need to be Mum and Dad. By the time we had checked out I was already planning my next trip to the fab Wyboston Lakes and Y Spa. Hopefully we'll be returning very soon.

Anyone else just love a spa weekend?

* Please note that there was very kindly a room upgrade, prosecco provided and treatment offered in exchange for an honest review. 


  1. Mmmm sounds fab. We try to have a weekend away a year just by ourselves, two if I can swing it! This looks amazing. So worth it for a recharge! #twinklytuesday

  2. Oh my goodness! This looks amazing!! Bet you had a fab time! #BloggersBest

  3. Looks like a fantastic getaway! I'm glad you got some adult time, the hotel and spa looked beautiful. #BloggersBest

  4. OMG this does look awesome hun. You sounded so relaxed and love all the happy pics. You really deserved this :-) xx #bloggersbest

  5. Oh gosh that looks like an amazing location and I bet it was lovely to recharge your batteries X #bloggersbest

  6. We've stayed at Wyboston Lakes twice as well! The first time we went I was a bit "oh" when we arrived to all the buildings but inside it's really nice and we ended up going back for another date night just because it's so well priced. Last time we didn;t even eat in the restaurant, just had room service and a well deserved chill out. Glad you had a good time! #bloggingbeautifully

  7. It looks absolutely beautiful and what a treat #bloggersbest

  8. Hi, it looks like a lovely place to spend a night away the spa looks great I smiled at the picture of the slipper park, oh and the food looks fab #bloggersbest

  9. Lovely that you had some special time together, my partner and I could do with this! #bloggersbest

  10. This looks Amazing! I blooming love a spa and am very jealous! I bet you felt so refreshed. Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday and sorry for the late commenting!

  11. Looks - & sounds - devine! Well jell! #bloggersbest


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