Wednesday 11 October 2017

Getting your Garden Autumn Ready!

We are well into Autumn now and I don't know about you guys but I love the transition between Summer and the colder months. There is something about seeing the trees changing colour, the darker nights and a chill in the air that just makes me happy. We've been spending some time outside lately getting the garden ready for the Autumn. With the changing season comes a rather untidy lawn with leaves everywhere, dead plants in the flower beds and general untidiness and weeding that needs to be done. 

We decided to rope the kids in, make it a bit of a fun adventure and set to work in the garden making it ready for the Autumn! I'm sharing a few tips that might help you when sorting the garden ready for the colder months. 

  • Rope in the family! Make it fun and a game, you'll soon find the kids are willing to help.....especially with the reward of a couple of sweets at the end as a treat. 

  • Invest in some decent gardening tools. SGS have some great deals on gardening essentials like lawn mowers, leaf blowers, pressure washers and hedge trimmers. 

  • Get yourself a garden bin, we pay for 2 brown bins that are available in our area. They get emptied fortnightly and they really are useful to have instead of shoving garden waste in our black bin.

  • Remove any dead plants and flowers and turn the soil over ready for new bulbs and plants to be planted in the warmed months. 

  • Stack empty plant pots and containers and put them somewhere safe. We're lucky to have a greenhouse and anything that is loose or prone to flying around in windy weather gets stored in there until Spring comes around. 

  • Give the patios a clean. Now is the time to give the slabs a good scrub before Winter arrives. It's always nice to have a sparkly patio. 

  • Enjoy your garden from the inside. It's not so much fun sitting outside in the freezing months, but by then you'll have stored any patio furniture away so you'll have no choice but to enjoy your garden from the warmth of inside the house. 

So these are a handful of tips for getting your garden Autumn ready. What tips have you guys got to get the garden sorted?

* Collaborative post.


  1. I would give to then to my son! They have then at ore school and he loves then xx

  2. Hi, one thing we forgot to do this year was clean the patio, oops #bloggersbest


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