Tuesday 13 September 2016

EasyMat - Review

Anyone who has weaned a small child will know that it is a messy, messy business. There is no way that you can expect a toddler that is learning all about food, experimenting with different tastes and textures to be clean and tidy. It just doesn't happen. Over the course of 2 children I can't tell you the amount of feeding aids, utensils and varying other food related items I have purchased to try and see if anything helps with the weaning journey. I have never been successful with bowls and plates that promise to suction in place and not be chucked on the floor, it can be quite the challenge and every time my kids have managed to unstick them and lob them on the floor! 

Step up the EasyMat from Tots R Us. At first I have to admit to being dubious, was this another silicone mat that promises to stick but then come unstuck within minutes and ends up on the floor like all the others........

You can purchase the EasyMat through Amazon for £19.99 although it currently retails for £14.99, they are available in a choice of 3 colours (lime green, pink and blue).......naturally I chose the pink. The plates are also supplied with a soft silicone spoon (which I love!). On first impressions I really liked it, I love the happy face design, it's ever so cute and the spoon and actual silicone mat feel a lovely quality, really soft and smooth. It's also a pretty decent size, it just about fits Elarna's high chair (Mamas and Papas Liquorice) and once she stops using her highchair tray it will be really handy to use on the table. 

As you can see from the pictures Elarna was very excited to test it out! This was before that I had actually suctioned it down as you can see that the suckers are upwards and not adhered yet. The EasyMat promises unmatched steadiness and no more thrown bowls/plates. They also advise that it's easy to clean and and offers durability using well manufactured silicone which is FDA approved. 

So what do we love about it? 

  • It looks fab, the happy face is cute and the pink colour is so pretty.
  • The size, it's such a generous size and the depth of the sections is excellent meaning that plenty of food can be put into it. 
  • The spoon. It's a really good spoon, Elarna has found it really easy to use as you can see, it was easy to grip and food stayed on it well. 
  • It washes well. There has been no staining and it looks fresh and new even after several washes. 
  • We are going to use it alot, when Elarna is older this will continue being used on the table at mealtimes. 
  • Elarna likes it, she's an independent little girl and she is starting to want to use a spoon herself and she seemed to really enjoy being able to visualise her food and pick and choose what she wanted from the mat. 
  • It's very robust.

What weren't we so keen on?

  • Well it didn't stick as well as I'd hoped but I think this is due to it not quite fitting onto our high chair.  Plus my daughter is feisty and she was determined to get it off the tray! When I used it on a normal table it stuck much better and it was more difficult to prise off.
  • The price, if I was being picky! I don't think I would want to part with £19.99 for it, £14.99 is much more reasonable and I could justify this as long as we used it every day. 
  • It is a little awkward to store, although it is suggested to stick it to the inside of the cupboard door - I tried this but my cupboard then didn't want to close so I opted to roll it instead which works much better.

Overall we have really liked using the EasyMat, it's been a welcome addition to our feeding utensils and Elarna really loves it as it does help her with independence. We will continue to use it as she gets older and because it is made of silicone it's easy to transport should we wish to take it away or on holiday with us. 

As mentioned above you can purchase the EasyMat from Amazon for £14.99. The lovely folks from Tots R Us are offering Beautiful Things readers a fabulous 20% off ( please use code  S849TWZX ) so there is no better time to purchase your EasyMat. 

Have you heard of EasyMat? Would you give it a go?

* Please note this is a collaborative post and we were provided an EasyMat free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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  1. It's good to see a really honest review. I wouldn't spend £15 on a tray either but it does look quite with the compartments. Thanks for hosting as always #bestandworst

  2. We love our EasyMat! It's a great idea isn't it :) #bestandworst

  3. We have something similar for Piglet - I love that this one has a bit of a face on it though! #bestandworst

  4. These look fab for little ones! I wish I'd seen these when my two were little x #bestandworst

  5. This looks brill, I really hate it when the plate goes up in the air and the food all over the floor!


  6. That looks like it would be useful. But it does seem a bit large. I don't think it would fit on our high chair tray either. #bestandworst

  7. I'm the same as you hun...anything for less mess! This does look good and I like the compartments. I reckon 14.99 more reasonable too!! xx #bestandworst

  8. Ohh what a great idea. I remember when I was weaning Leo and I had to sweep and mop the floor about 3 times a day he made such a mess! Will keep this is mind for when baby.number 2 comes along xx #bestandworst

  9. I great way to keep the highchair clean and things organised at meal times. #bestandworst

  10. Good honest review here and well worth the read. Great idea and good to see the pros and cons:)



  11. Great review and looks like your little one is happy with it too.#Bestandworst

  12. What a fab idea you will need that sooner than you think thanks for hosting #bestandworst

  13. Sorry thought Sarah had done this review I'm losing the plot sad :)

  14. Wow, what a great idea, this looks fab! This a is an awesome way to keep the high chair clean!! #BinkyLinky

  15. This looks fab! Great that it sticks to the table and you can fit a decent amount of food on too! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  16. Ooo this is a really interesting review. I love finding new weaning accessories, especially things that Alfie is unable to lob across the room. Every supposedly unmoveable suction plate/bowl we've tried has been unsuccessful so far, but this looks promising, especially if we put it on the table rather than highchair. I agree £19.99 is a tad pricey, but £14.99 is more reasonable so I'll be looking for this to try out #bestandworst

  17. I really like the happy face element and the fact the compartments are so deep. I tried a few stick down options with both of my children and they always managed to get it off, in fact my youngest used to get really angry with anything stuck down. In the end, as the high hair tray was removable, I just put food directly on the tray.

  18. I have never heard of these! I have to say that I definitely wouldn't pay £14.99 for it though because in essence it's just a tray.. It does look cool and I would purchase one if the price suited my pockets a bit better. Great review #binkylinky

  19. Ah I remember the days of bowls and plates on the floor. Testing times! This looks like something I would have tried, but I don't think I'd pay £20 for it. Elarna looks like she's enjoying it too bless her. Great honest review. #bestandworst


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