Wednesday 14 September 2016

Artistic Garden Space

How much love and attention do you lavish on your garden? Is it something you only really think about in summer or do you dedicate time to maintaining it all year round? Whether you’re green fingered or not, spending some time and money on your garden could really pay off should you decide to sell your home in the future.
Research by Barclays Mortgages found that 44% of house hunters would offer a whacking 20% lower than a property asking price if the outside didn’t look up to scratch with a well manicured garden being rated as the ultimate kerb appeal by 69%, but what should you do if a traditional lawn and flowerbeds just aren’t ‘you’? Today’s post looks at ways you can express yourself by creating an artistic outdoor space to be enjoyed all year round.

Tap into topiary

Not a flowery person? Topiary – the art of cutting evergreens into shapes ranging from simple globes to elaborate animal characters is truly a form of living architecture. Just a few standalone or joined plants can transform a space and give it a real wow factor, though getting started with a topiary project can be pricy. If you choose to buy a ready reared plant that will simply require trimming and pruning you can expect to pay thousands for the privilege. These can be purchased from the likes of Levens Hall in Cumbria, which is also a great spot for sourcing topiary inspiration thanks to its world renowned collection. It is however perfectly possible to rear and train your own topiary bushes, check out this Martha Stewart video to get you started and put a pair of hand shears on your garden centre shopping list.

Rock a rockery

You could be forgiven for thinking rockeries are a bit of a gardening relic. They did have a bit of a moment in the 80s when they became a convenient way to style piles of rubble into something that was seemingly a little more purposeful. However, rockeries have actually been tipped as the next big outdoor trend with some extreme examples catching the attention of the judges at the Chelsea Flower Show over the last few years. When it comes to creating layered garden spaces and breaking up different sections, a rockery can be practical as well as pretty. Plus, as an environment where alpine plants can flourish, with a little planning you can make a rockery into a year round attraction. Choose plants with interesting foliage as well as summer flowers to guarantee colour in your garden all year round and try and incorporate interesting shapes and texture too. You’ll find plant recommendations on the Royal Horticultural Society website.

Stun with sculptures

If moving rocks or pruning plants sounds like a lot of effort but you like the idea of having a garden that stands out and adds interest throughout the seasons, what about adding some sculptures? Go beyond the trusty garden gnome and birdhouses and think big. From wicker and log sculptures through to stone carvings, installing art into a garden with meadow-like feel could help you achieve a secret garden effect or you could plan a display to sit alongside a plain lawn for a more formal, minimal feel. Choosing a sculpture that combines a water feature adds an additional sensory element.

Liven up with lights

The right lighting setup can bring alive even the smallest of spaces, highlighting any green fingered efforts or illuminating landscaping, sculptures and water features. From subtle underwater lights to solar light stakes and pretty LED fairy or festoon lights, your lighting display can be as laidback or ornate as you like. And, in addition to providing interest for all seasons it will ensure you can enjoy your garden display at night as well as during the day. Those with bi-fold doors looking out onto their garden space will be able to enjoy the sparkle and twinkle of your light installation from the comfort of indoors too. Take a peek at the designs at Vufold for viewing inspiration. You may also benefit from a visit to the upcoming light show in Bradford City Park, which combines light and sculpture for a stunning outdoor show.

Would you like to unearth your inner Edward Scissorhands and try out topiary or would installing a twinkling garden light display appeal to your artistic side?

* Collaborative Post.

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