Thursday 20 November 2014

Pregnancy Update - 19 weeks

Baby is the size of an heirloom tomato.

So you may or may not have noticed that I have skipped a week of  my updates, 18 weeks is in the distant past as I spent the majority of Friday through to Sunday struck down with a gruesome stomach bug. Never a good thing pregnancy or no pregnancy,  that pretty much wiped me out for a few days and I'm only just starting to eat properly again and get my energy back.

I am now 19 weeks (20 on Sunday) and baby has made leaps and bounds in growth this week, particularly the brain which is rapidly developing. The baby is also starting to be covered in a protective vernix  (covering on the skin) and it also consists of lanugo (downy hair) which preemie babies can be seen covered in this substance.

I am finally starting to feel a bit more energised (thankfullky!), apart from the recent illness I'm starting to go to bed a bit later and actually feel I can do some jobs in the evening rather than just collapsing on the sofa! 

This week I have also had a second Consultant appointment to discuss the birth, after my previous birth (very long labour, baby turning back to back and a 3rd degree tear with a large blood loss) it's clear to see why I'm a little anxious! Both Consultants have said they would prefer me to labour naturally over offering a cesarean but a c-section won't necessarily be ruled if I feel that I would prefer that. If I labour naturally it will be quite a controlled and medical labour which is a bit of shame but I would much rather be in the right place with the right equipment should it be needed! Plus I've got a little while to wait to think about it more but I don't really want to offer myself up on the operating table to be willingly sliced open if I can help it.

Bump is steadily growing and in the picture above it looks massive but I think it must be the angle I took the picture. I will get round to some proper bump pictures after I've had my roots done on Saturday, 10 weeks and my hair looks a right state!

How were you feeling at the halfway point of pregnancy?

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  1. i remember when i was 19 weeks i literally had no energy, im glad youve recovered from your illness

    1. So am I Atosa!! Was not a good weekend :-( Thankyou for the comment X

  2. well i can't imagine what you're going through since I have dogs not babies but just a little note to say good luck :D x

  3. Aw you have a lovely rounded bump hun x

    1. Thanks hun, I feel huge and I'm definitely much bigger this time round! X


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