Monday 24 November 2014

Buying a Television for Christmas?

If you're husband is anything like mine I'm pretty sure he would love to receive a fancy new flat screen for Christmas, however sadly for him ours is in perfect working order and we don't need a new one! However, if you are thinking of buying a TV for Christmas have a read of this article to help you make the right decision.

Guide to a Buying a Television this Christmas
Guide to a Buying a Television this Christmas
Most people are over the moon to receive a television as a Christmas gift. This is especially the case in the age we are living in now when cutting edge technology gives you the ultimate viewing experience. However, with the advancements in TV technology there is inevitably lots more choice of television model. Every type of viewer is now catered for making it an even better option for a Christmas gift. This TV buying guide along with the following tips will give you some idea on how to choose the right telly for your chosen recipient.

Who’s it for?
This is the question to ask yourself throughout the buying process. You will need to consider such factors as their viewing habits and whether they are sports nut, a film fanatic or more casual viewer. Both film fans and sports enthusiasts will be served well by a big screen HD LED television in the region of 42”. For those who are keen surfers of the net, your best option is to plump for a Smart television which allows them not only to access on demand programmes but also social media and other websites.

What room is it going in?
The dimensions of the room the television is likely to go into should definitely be a factor in your decision making. If a room is on the smaller side, it will be a waste of space and money to splash out on an extra-large screen. A much more sensible option would be a moderately sized television which can be wall-mounted and therefore saving valuable floor space.

How much are you willing to spend?
Another key question is undoubtedly around budget. You can almost spend as little or as much money as you want on a television. You can get a large screen HD LED television complete with freeview for a little as around £250 which is perfect for a casual television viewer. If you are buying for someone who is altogether more serious about their film or TV viewing, you can spend upwards of £2000 on the ultimate in HD technology (4K Ultra HD) or a curved screen television for superior immersive experience.

Need any extras?

If you want to complete the experience for your friend or loved one this Christmas or you have found out they already own their perfect television you may want to go with accessories which will improve their viewing. An extra few pairs of 3D glasses will be welcomed by a sports-mad owner of a 3D TV who wants to invite more friends round on match day. A popcorn maker will complete the cinematic experience for a movie fan while a simple foot stool might improve that Coronation Street addiction.

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