Thursday 6 November 2014

17 Weeks Pregnant - Update

Baby is the size of turnip.

Here is my latest pregnancy update, we are now at week 17 and baby is the size of a turnip! I don't think I've grown massively this week but I am definitely feeling more than snug in my work uniform, those maternity tunics and dresses better turn up soon! I've started to browse for some new maternity clothes as I had sold a fair bit from my last pregnancy, the only things I have bought so far are some over the bump leggings, there seems to be a bit of lack of decent stuff that I like at the moment which is annoying.

I have continued to feel quite tired this week, but on a plus my appetite has improved some what. I have been feeling a little bit queasy again this week which is random but this seems to be when I'm hungry, so as long as I have some snacks with me I'm usually ok. I've continued to check the baby's heartbeat using my doppler this week as reassurance, it's such a lovely sound to hear. 

I have been craving all sorts of naughty food over the last few days, anything that is removtely bad for you I want!! I have been making sure I have plenty of fruit juice in the house to make sure I'm drinking something reasonably healthy, I'm also making an effort to take at least an apple to work to try and counteract the bad stuff! Currently Cadbury's Turkish Delight chocolate is rocking my world!

What did you crave during pregnancy? Anything weird?


  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I had strange cravings in both my pregnancies. With my first it was Salt and Vinegar Crisps dipped in Marmite. With my second it was eating kilo tubs of Cottage Cheese in one sitting! With both pregnancies I also craved Cheesy Chips from the local takeaway! They have made a fortune out of me!

    Laura x x x

  2. During my pregnancy, I craved bread and butter (with more butter than bread) and Caesar Salad (I had it for lunch so many days in a row)!. Good luck with your pregnancy! :) x


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