Wednesday 13 August 2014

Sephora Make Up Haul

While in France I always have to track down a Sephora (it's a necessity!), they are amazing, packed full of high quality brands of cosmetics and skin care and for fairly reasonable prices. Like I've said in previous posts I am like a child in a sweet shop when it comes to shopping for cosmetics! So this time I dragged my poor hubby round several, every time we visited somewhere I managed to find a Sephora!

So as you can see in the picture below I did come back with a few extra items of make up which I was very pleased with!

So what did I buy?

Nars Blush in Orgasm: Oh my god how I have not had this product in my life before?!! It is a gorgeous pink blush crammed full of shimmer particles that is simply gorgeous when worn. Love, love, love!

Givenchy Le Prisme Eye Quad: This is a super cute eyeshadow quad featuring four pretty shimmery shades. Nestled underneath the palette is a little draw that you pull out to reveal some teeny tiny little eyshadow brushes. As soon as I picked it up I couldn't put it down, it had to come home with me! Plus it was in the sale which was even better!

Benefit Erase Paste: I'm already a lover of Benefit Boing concealer so I decided to have a go with Erase Paste. Obviously the Benefit packaging is just gorgeous and hard to resist! I love the little spatula that comes included in the box, I find that I use the Erase Paste more if I want a bit more of a heavier coverage, I really like it.

Next I chose a new Primer and with being a lip balm obsessive I had to buy one to test it out! I do seem to have quite a collection of primers now and I haven't quite decided which one I prefer, this one is lovely though and gives a fantastic base before applying foundation. The lip balm is really nice and moisturising so a nice addition to my little stash!

I naturally had to buy a nail polish while I was there and I picked up a fab Nails Inc Polish in St. James Park which was also in the sale, it practically jumped into my basket! It's a gorgeous colour, I've been wearing it loads already since I've been home. 

I also picked up some Quick Dry Nail Oil as I've been wanting to dry it for ages, the reason I have two is I dropped the first one on the floor spilling about 1/4 of the bottle and I ended up loving it so much I thought I better stock in case my clumsiness strikes again. I also picked up a pot of Express Nail Polish Remover, I am big fan of these little pots that remove nail polish quickly, I also find that they leave my nails feel really moisturised too. I also grabbed a Nail Polish Corrector Pen, these are so handy to tidy up any little messes or mistakes once I've painted my nails, a must have! 

Lastly I picked up a little bottle of Bumble and Bumble Hair Oil this is a great product and a little goes a long way, I can already see a difference in the dry areas of my hair and with continued use  think it will be really beneficial to my hair. Lastly I also picked up a little Sephora Fragrance Spritzer and this was in the sale for about 3 Euros, it smells gorgeous and is perfect for popping in the pocket of my work uniform to give myself a quick spray to freshen up!

I am already having Sephora withdrawal symptoms!! Roll on my next visit to France so I can stock up again on some 'essentials'! 

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  1. Love the benefit paste its fab .x

    1. Isn't it! Such great coverage. Thanks for your comment Hannah X

  2. I have been told to get benefit paste as its so good. What are the prices like compared to here? Oh and that Orgasm well it has the right name, its gorgeous!

    1. They're a little cheaper Jo, even more so from the American Sephora shops. I would thoroughly recommend the Nars it is gorgeous. XX

  3. Thats a fair old haul of make up goodies. Have not been into a Sephora for ages - great to hunt out a bargain or two or three or four :)

    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

  4. these look like some great products I'm a sucker for pretty packaging x


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