Monday 23 December 2013

Poundland Santa Blogger Challenge

Christmas can be a very expensive time and it's so easy to go overboard if you're not careful. When I was approached to take part in the Poundland Santa challenge I thought it sounded like a fun thing to be involved in and I accepted the challenge.  I was sent £20 to spend in store on festive bits and pieces and I was surprised at what I came out with, 2 bags bursting to the brim! I have to be honest I have never really shopped in Poundland mainly, I do love a good bargain though and was quite surprised at some of the brands that I spotted while shopping.

So what did I get? 

While I was looking around the store (which was packed incidentally!) I decided that I wanted to purchase things I'd actually use and not just waste the £20.00, as you can see from the picture above I got quite a decent selection!

A closer look at what I purchased
So here is a run down of what I bought. 

1 pack of gift bows & ribbons (I always use loads of these when I wrap pressies up!).

2 packs of gift tags - I never seem to have enough tags so I thought 16 extra to what I already have would see me through.

1 pack of 10 Finish dishwasher tablets - I definitely do not want to run out these on Christmas day, that would be a complete disaster!

1 roll of kitchen foil - An essential kitchen must have, so many uses and always a staple in our household. 

Rudolph stop here sign - This is obviously for Alfie's benefit and is (dare I say!) a little tacky but hey is that not what Christmas is about?! I just hope it doesn't get stolen haha! 

3 packs of cotton Christmas napkins (2 per pack) - These are actually quite sweet and feel reasonable quality, it'll be nice to have cotton napkins on the table over paper ones!

1 Christmas themed snack tray - I thought this was quite sweet and I love the little gingerbread theme on it, always handy for the Christmas snacks.

Shortbread biscuits - Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without some shortbread and I know my Mum and Dad will enjoy eating these. 

Fox's chocolate biscuits - Always handy to have some chocolate biscuits in the cupboard over the festive season even though I know they won't last for long!

1 pack of sweet almonds - My husband needed these for the homemade stuffing so grabbed them while he saw them.

My last selection were the sweets & chocs! 

2 packs of after eights - I love after eights and find them perfect after dinner (obviously I know that's what they're created for!) I just love them!

1 pack of chocolate coins - Again another one of those items that I don't think Christmas would be complete without.

1 pack of chocolate bites - I plan on using these on the Christmas table to make it look  festive and colourful, they look really cute :-) 

1 pack of chocolate buttons, 1 pack of jelly tots and 1 pack of fruit pastilles - These 3 are all perfect little stocking fillers :-) 

As you can see I did get alot for the £20....funnily enough it cost £20.75! I really enjoyed taking part and look forward to using every single item purchased. I also have to say that even though the store was packed there was plenty of staff serving and even though the queue to pay was quite big I was waiting less than 5 minutes and the young lad who served me was ever so sweet! 

Not only did I take part in this particular challenge I also participated in the Poundland blogger secret santa, I received a very cute, pink mini diary which is perfect for writing in my shifts at work so whoever it is who chose this gift I thankyou!

Did anyone else take part in this challenge? How did you do?

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* Please note I was kindly sent £20.00 to participate in this challenge but the thoughts and opinions are that of my own.


  1. You got a good selection of things there!! I actually bought those exact same bows for my presents! :)

    Linda x

  2. great post - amazing how much you can get in £20

  3. Great post I love poundland so cheap I don't see the problem with the shop.
    You can find big brands i.e cleaning products so much cheaper.


    1. Yes you're so right, I was surprised I have a love for B&M which is also really good for big brands, the 2 bags were bursting at the brim when I came out :-) X

  4. You did brilliantly Helen! I love challenges like this, well done! I love your diary as well!

  5. Aww I would have loved to have taken part . Great post x


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