Monday 23 December 2013

Christmas Crafts!

I am not overly crafty at any time but I will always try my hand at anything and when I was offered the opportunity to make some Christmas cards I thought why not, I'll give it a go. 

I was sent a festive red stocking full of Christmassy crafty card bits and I admit I couldn't wait to design my own cards. I was sent everything I needed to make a set of really nice cards.......I had wanted to get Alfie involved, however when I sat him down to start he immediately ripped one of the cards so I opted to go it alone! 

So what was I sent? 

Various embellishments pictured below, detailed information and links below picture. 

From L-R: 

Angel Glitter Toppers (Approximately 50p per pack) - This is not a direct link to the angels but it will take you to the topper collection.

Glitter Foam Christmas Tree Toppers (Approximately £5.00) - Not the exact link but these are similar, these were my favourite item to use. 

So how did I get on?

So I definitely established that I'm not particularly good at card making but I did have fun making the cards. I was sent plenty of items to accessorise my cards and I really enjoyed using the Christmas trees as all that was required was to simply peel them from the backing and stick them straight onto where you wanted, mess free! I also liked the gold bows, I think they make a really nice finishing touch to the cards I used them on, these require sticking down so I just used a dab of the glitter glue to secure. 

The angel toppers were a bit strange to use as there was no glue on the back, so again I had to use the glitter glue to secure them which seemed a bit of a shame to waste the glitter glue but it did stick them quite securely once dried, they look so beautifully festive too and so glittery. 

I really liked the glitter glue but I found it difficult to make it look neat, I think if I had more time and items like paint brushes to distribute the glue it would have looked much nicer, I only used the glitter glue on one of the cards so it's difficult to see in the picture (fifth picture down you can just see the glue on the left card). The glue itself is packed full of glitter and has tiny little iridescent stars which are so lovely!

As you can see from the pictures I opted for quite simple designs rather than fussy, I don't think I'll be giving up the day job but I certainly enjoyed a couple of hours of craftiness. Maybe next year Alfie will be able to help and make his own cards for Christmas! 

If anyone would like to get any of the items or check out the world of Hobbycraft, click on the link to Hobbycraft

Who else likes to make Christmas crafts? What do you think of my attempt (dare I ask!)?
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*Please note I was kindly sent these items for review purposes and the thoughts and opinions are that of my own.


  1. I think you did fantastic for your first go! The cards are lovely and I imagine anyone who knows you would love to receive a handmade card from you!

    i haven't made cards for a while, but I might have a dabble after Christmas!

    1. Thanks Erika, thought I would keep them simple for my 1st attempt! I bet you'd be make some amazing cards! X

  2. Lovely cards Helen- I really liked the glittery angel. I'd never heard of Hobbycraft, but will definitely give them a dekko now :-)

  3. Mum always says less is more when it comes to cards, as I used to be guilty of overcrowding. Glitter always makes a statement though, and it's all about enjoying crafting, so you've done great for your first attempt.


    1. Thanks Lauren, I agree with the less is more definitely! Thanks for the lovely comment :-) X

  4. i love getting crafty too! i think presents with DIY elements in them really reveal how thoughtful the sender is <3

    Check out my new blog on contemporary designs by VVHATIF:)
    RASSP blog


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