Tuesday 19 November 2013

Tomy Stack, Pour, Post & Play - Review

Alfie loves to play, he has so many toys but some of favourite type of toys have to be the shape sorting and posting type, generally speaking suitable from ages 6 to 24 months. It can keep him entertained for a fair few minutes and over the last few months I've seen just how much something as simple as a shape sorter can benefit in his development. 

Alfie has been busy testing out the Tomy Winnie the Pooh stack, pour, post and play recently and here is our review for it.  When it arrived I was immediately impressed by the bright and colourful packaging, it's very bright and childlike and for that reason is very appealing to inquisitive little toddlers! Getting into the actual product was a nightmare though, as with all these type of toys they are firmly attached within the packaging with a mixture of tape and cable ties. When I eventually managed to get into it Alfie was straight into playing with it and seeing what it had to offer him. 

This particular toy has various different things that it does to keep little ones entertained. Not only is it a shape sorter (3 shapes included), it is a stacking toy (which improves hand-eye coordination), a posting toy and the cups can also be used as a pouring toy in the bath.

One of the great things that I think this toy has to offer, other than it been a 4 in 1 toy is the fact that when you pack it away the cups sits neatly in the honey pot and the shapes sit in the cups so that all you are left with is the honey pot, what a brilliant idea reducing storage!

Alfie really did enjoy playing with it, he liked to stack the pots on top and then knock it over till it all came tumbling down. I think what would make this toy even better is if there were more shapes to sort, I don't think 3 shapes are enough, perhaps 5 would have been better overall though a great little toy! 

Alfie's reaction to knocking the cups down haha!

It's also worth saying that even though the toy feels very light it's actually very robust, seeing as toddlers have no real idea of their strength toys do tend to get thrown and lobbed about quite a substantial amount and this has stood the test of time with no damage at all. Always a bonus!

So overall a very successful and fun toy for toddlers, I'm not sure how long Alfie will be interested in toys like this but for the moment he seems to really enjoy puzzling toys so if he's happy then I'm happy! This toy has a very reasonable RRP of £14.99 and for more information you can access the Tomy website. 

Does your toddler like these type of toys, would you buy this type of toy?
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* Please note we were kindly sent the item to review but the thoughts and opinions are that of my own. 


  1. ooo been looking for ideas on what to get my baby siblings for Christmas. I don't think they've ever actually been introduced to Winnie the Pooh and this looks cool xo

    1. Would recommend, he seemed to love and it and it's a reasonable price :-) x

  2. This looks so good. My little guy would love one! xx

  3. I love the concentration on his face, you can see him working out how it all works! Maybe he is an engineer in the making!

    1. Indeed! He loves toys like this, I think Daddy would be proud of him to be an engineer :-) XX


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