Friday 15 November 2013

Some might say.......

I do love a bit of bling and I recently treated myself to a very cute necklace from Avon. Some might say it sums me up.......

Haha, I don't really think I'm a diva as such but I can certainly have my moments as I'm sure every woman does, but it is a fun necklace to wear and it certainly is right up my street. I wasn't anticipating it to be quite as big as it is but I really like the size of it when I wore it. As you can see from the picture it's got a nice pink enamel over the wording with a small jewel over the I which is a nice little touch. Being a fan of cute and quirky jewellery this will sit well in my collection. You can purchase the necklace online from Avon which is on sale for £5.00 instead of £8.00 at the moment, you can also buy a princess version which you can view by clicking this link to Avon. I think some of jewellery in Avon is great and the prices are so reasonable. 

Do you like a bit of statement jewellery?

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  1. Not really, unless we talking earrings :-) I am very happy to wear huge, crazy earrings, but that's it

    1. Yeah I'm much more into big necklaces over earrings although I do love a nice pair of earrings :-) XX

  2. Hmm, I am what you might call obsessed with jewellery. I make my own as well as buy. I really like your pick, great statement piece as you say and will look fab for a good festive party!

  3. Ahhh I have seen you make jewellery Erika and it's fab :-) got to love a bit of bling for sure :-) XX


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