Wednesday 12 June 2013

Wine of the Week - Berryleaf Falls (A Californian Red)

I had to share this little gem, it's so good I took the photo after the wine had been drank! I picked up a few of these as they were on offer in Sainsbury's for £3.99 instead of £6.99 the other week. This is a Californian red, quite light and very easy to drink, it didn't last long!

What I liked about this particular wine is that it didn't have a lot of tannin's  it's full of berry flavours and quite jammy. Delicious!!! I just wish I'd picked up more while they were on offer. 

Hels X


  1. OOh haven't tried this xx

  2. It was such a good price wish I'd picked up more. It's yummy :-) X

  3. If you like white wine, definitely try Lime Leaf...i don't think you can buy in supermarkets annoyingly, only from wine merchants...but that was really nice :-)

  4. I don't normally drink red wine but bought this on impulse and yes it is really good, and whats more I had no headache or anything the day after as I normally would!

    1. Ohh good impulse purchase in that case! Thanks for your comment :-) x


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