Monday 24 June 2013

A letterbox cake....?!

Yes, you are reading that right! A letter box cake! I was kindly sent one of these unique cakes to review from Baker Days. This is a company that specialises in personalised cakes for all occasions and also sells the unique letterbox cakes which are cunningly designed to fit through a letterbox and be a surprising gift for someone special. 

On arrival I was impressed with the packaging. It arrived in a sturdy box, fitted perfectly through the letterbox and the cake itself was packaged in a cute little tin (which is now being used for Alfie's Biscotti!) with a little card and I received love hearts too :-) 

Once open you can see that the cake is sealed within some protective plastic for extra freshness, although there are instructions on how to remove it I found it was just easiest to carefully take the cake out and cut the packaging off. 

I chose the 'All you Need is Love' design but there are lots more to choose from on the website, you can also personalise and choose different sizes and varieties of cakes. Obviously for the purpose of this review it was specifically the letterbox cake size which I was sent.

I have to admit as soon as I opened it my Husband, Alfie and I tucked right into the cake. It was absolutely gorgeous! It was a ginger cake and tasted yummy, it was incredibly moist and considering it had been sent through the post I was really impressed by that fact, it also tasted sublime and the icing wasn't at all cloying or overly sweet.  

The cake can be purchased for £14.99 which includes the postage and packaging and generally next day delivery is available. I personally thought that this was quite good value but my Husband thought it was a little expensive considering the size of the cake, but then he is a man and men don't understand cake.......  ;-) 

Nearly all gone!!

I think that they are fantastic and a great alternative to sending flowers or even a card. What could be more lovely than receiving a cake through your letterbox??!!

You can purchase these cakes through the Baker Days website and you can also follow them on Twitter @BakerDays


Hels X

* Please note I was kindly sent this product to review and the views and opinions are of mine and my husbands.


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