Thursday 6 June 2013

The Craft Company - Baking Bits

I was very kindly sent some great silicone chocolate moulds, jelly decorations and sprinkles to review from The Craft Company. This a fab company that sells all sorts of baking and cake making equipment, they have so many items at fantastic prices it's worth checking it out. 

The items I chose to be sent are pictured below: 

Chocolate Spoon Mould (RRP £2.99)
Edible Gems - Diamonds(RRP £3.75)

Diamond Shaped Mould (RRP £2.18)
'Twinkle Sprinkles' Gluten Free Decorations  
I'm so excited to try out the moulds! Especially the diamond shaped ones, you can't really see from the picture but the moulds are actually quite big and are excellent quality. Unfortunately as I've been working nights I've not been able to test them out yet but I will purchasing chocolate this weekend and experimenting (I shall update on here when I have!). The edible gems in the shape of diamonds are gorgeous!! They will look great decorating some cookies or cupcakes and the sprinkles that I've been sent are gluten free which is an added bonus. 

Pink Sugar Crystals
Rainbow 100's &1000's
Choco Vermicelli
Rainbow Vermicelli

There are 4 varieties of sprinkles in the tub so these can be used for various things! Alfie has been shaking the tub and loving the fact that it the sprinkles make lots of noise, so a multi purpose item! 

Overall I'm very impressed with the overall quality of the items sent, especially for the price! I look forward to testing them out properly. Click on this link to be taken directly to their website: The Craft Company.

Hels X

* Please note these were free samples that I was kindly sent to review but the thoughts and opinions are that of my own.


  1. Love the spoon mould xx

    1. Hiya hun! I literally cannot wait to have a play, trying to decide what to make to utilise them :-) The diamond gems are super cute too.

      Hels X


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