Friday 8 February 2013

Happy Days Fly By

Happy Days Fly By...........

That they do, time just seems to be disappearing  This time last year I was over half way into my pregnancy and about to start maternity leave, now my leave is nearly finished and one of my best friends is starting her Mummy journey :-)

I saw this cute wooden ornament in my (amazing) Next Store for £6.00. I love Next at the moment, the quality is excellent and there is   always so many lovely things to choose! I am incredibly pleased I don't live closer to our new Next as it's the size of B&Q, I think I'd be there every day if I did! It was a bit of an impulse purchase but it sums up the way I'm feeling at the moment, such a poignant quote. I also love butterflies and it reminds me of my wedding day.

Just a short post as today has been about Alfie cuddles and waiting for the weekend to start. 

Helen X


  1. I bought this butterfly in Next (Cyprus) as I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.


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