Monday 4 February 2013

Active Alfie

I can't quite believe where the last 8 months have gone, time has flown ridiculously quick in recent months. My maternity leave is rapidly coming to an end and my studies are beckoning. My little man, Alfie, is taking huge leaps and bounds in his development.  Gone are the days where I could safely leave him in the middle of the room to grab a cuppa and he'd still be in the same place when I got back! Now we have a speed demon that chases the cats and wants to eat everything in sight (anyone know the nutritional value of laptop chargers and TV remotes?!). The stair gates are now in place (all 4 :-/)  all reachable items are migrating further and further up and the house is baby proofed, it makes for one tired Mama with all these new found active skills!

I love that every day Alfie is discovering something new that he can do, He can now clap his hands (all the time!), give high fives, pull himself up against the sofa and make various new sounds, although his favourite is still blowing raspberries. The look of delight on his face every morning when you go into his nursery is priceless. He's my beaming, happy little chappy.  

I love my boy, he is quite simply my life and as I write this I wonder what the next 8 months will bring? 

Helen X

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