Tuesday, 14 October 2014

My Little Secret

Over the last couple of months you may have noticed that I have been pretty quiet on my blog. There has been a special reason for this and that reason is...... I'm pregnant again, up the duff, have a bun in the oven etc etc. 

Baby Number 2 is on board!

I had thought alot over recent months about when would be the right time to try for another baby and after discussions with my husband it's not a decision that we made lightly and it was different this time, with Alfie he was a marvellous surprise but this time round it's been planned so already quite a different situation. I always question whether there really is a right time for a baby and honestly I think not, I think fate decides these things for you, however in this instance for us this felt like the right time.  

I genuinely didn't think I would fall pregnant quite so quickly, after been diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) before Alfie I was told that I could struggle to conceive, fortunately I only had the polycystic part and not the syndrome which meant with some dieting, exercise and a different mind set it clearly made a difference to my fertility and along came Alfie. 

So let's roll back a few weeks ago and I was feeling fine! No real signs or symptoms of a pregnancy just a couple of days late which is what prompted me to test. I only had some cheapies in the house but though what the hell, I may as well pee on the stick and see what happens!

As you can see in the picture below this is the result that I could see, or at least I thought I could see!I really wasn't sure that this was a true line as it was so very faint but the more I looked at it in various different lighting I could definitely see the line!  I literally could not believe it, I was pregnant!! Hubby was at work by this point and Alfie was due at nursery so after whizzing the little man to nursery I quickly shot to Tesco to grab another couple of tests!

Anyone who has found out they are pregnant previously I think will understand the need to do more tests, it's almost like the first test is a teaser and is lying! I remember my midwife previously telling me that the cheapy tests are just as reliable as the digi ones but I think it's still nice to see it flash onto the screen. 

So here I was alone in my bathroom with some more tests on the go! After the third test it finally did sink in, I was going to be a Mummy again! I thought I better tell the husband, he probably should be aware! So I rang him and broke the news to him over the phone while he was at work, not ideal but I was so shocked I couldn't help but tell him, his reaction this time around was much better and I would say he didn't have a head in hands moment  thankfully! 

So after letting this sink in my own head I decided to tell my parents and my two closest friends, telling my best friend was hard for reasons which I won't go into. So the next few weeks were passed in a bubble of pregnancy and pregnancy related symptoms! With Alfie I had a pretty smooth pregnancy (up till the point of labour!),  I was nauseous and tired but it was manageable, this time round I have been exhausted, dizzy and feeling sick as a dog, the constant nausea has been, at times, crippling, all amplified by working full time and having a hyper active toddler! 

Thankfully I am now starting to come out of the sicky stage and am starting to get my energy back so I'm hoping to get back a little bit to normality and hopefully enjoy my pregnancy for the 2nd time!

My next challenge is to get Alfie to understand that he is going to be a big brother and focus on giving him alot of attention over the next few months, after all he will always be my little man.

I will hopefully be back to posting more regularly and you can follow my pregnancy updates through my blog when I get around to posting them.

I'm delighted and feeling extremely fortunate to be expecting again as I know there are many people who would love to be in my situation. Baby number 2 is expected at some point in April 2015.

Thanks as always for reading my ramblings!


  1. ah wow congratulations that's great news!!!! look forward to your pregnancy updates

  2. Huge congratulations. Such lovely news to be able to share on your blog. All the very best for you.x



  3. Congratulations! Best wishes for you, your husband and baby!





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