Monday 6 October 2014

My First Beauty Box Swap - Summer 2014

I have recently participated in my first beauty box swap, the concept is very simple you get set a budget, you get allocated a fellow beauty lover and you get sent some likes and dislikes of said person and choose some items to be sent to them. The excitement and anticipation of what you might receive is great.

I received a huge box wrapped in very cheery wrapping paper, it was literally like having a birthday present delivered, I couldn't wait to have a rummage and see what I'd been sent from my secret beauty swapper.

Nestled between layers of hot pink tissue paper were so many items, I kept discovering new items as I kept pulling the tissue paper out. I also received a card with yummy looking doughnuts on it but sadly the sender chose to remain anonymous so I don't know who to thanks for all my lovely items! 

So what did I receive? As you can see in the picture above the box was crammed full of loveliness. 

The first item I pulled out, along with the card was some Nails Inc Wraps in a very funky zebra print. I always like to have a set of nail wraps in the house just in case I need to get ready quickly and not have to worry about my nails drying so these are great. 

Next up was a Dr Nick Lowe Super Charged Day Cream, perfect I need some new day cream and after trying a blob of this on the back of my hand I will definitely be looking forward to trying this during the day. 

The next item was a rather blingy nail file, you can never have enough nail files right? I'm forever losing them too so this is very handy....pardon the pun.

After the nail file, I unwrapped a rather pretty Mint London Nail Polish. I've never heard of the brand but it's a very nice Summery colour and applies nicely so I shall add this to my ever growing collection!

I then received a mini Clinique Lip Gloss very sweet, the picture makes it look more of a red colour but actually it's more of a browny, sheer tint when worn, it's nice. 

The next item unravelled from the depths of the pink tissue paper was a very pretty pink lippie by Collection. I'm recently a lip stick convert (previously I wore alot of lip gloss) and am favouring Mac so although I perhaps wouldn't choose this normally the colour is very pretty.

Next up is a very glittery MUA lip gloss having never used any MUA products in the past I wasn't sure what to expect but I quite like this lip gloss, it will be lovely layered over one of my other lip sticks. 

I then discoverd a very lovely Models Own Chunky Eyeliner with Smudger it's gorgeous, lovely colour and I love the added smudger on the other end, perfect! 

Last but not least I received a very cute and quirky Russian Doll Lip Balm I think it's cherry flavour, it's very cute though and as I'm sure you all know by now  I do love a lip balm!

So I'm sure you'll agree that it's certainly a very varied box and some lovely items were sent so whoever sent it thankyou very much, you listened to my brief! I would definitely consider joining in another beauty box swap, it was fun.

Thankyou as always for reading.
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  1. Woah this is some awesome blogger mail! lucky lucky ducky!

  2. I fully second Jo Smith's comment - who was this awesome blogger! your box looks fantastic. Very jealous hunny.

    Best Wishes,
    Michelle Elyse x

  3. Wow, i love all this stuff, very very jealous xx

  4. This is a really lovely swap, lovely products x

    1. Thanks for the comment, it really was crammed full of items! x

  5. How lucky are you? I love that mint nail polish, it is one of my favourite colours!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done


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