Thursday 30 October 2014

Improving Your Elderly Relative's Social Life

Here is a lovely article about how to improve your elderly relative's quality of life with social interaction, it's so important that elderly people maintain some quality of life as able. 

How to Improve Your Elderly Relative’s Social Life
Winter time can be a particularly isolating time for older people. However, it is very important to encourage your elderly relative to stay social even when it becomes increasingly difficult due to mobility issues or a decreasing circle of established friends. Staying sociable is very good for an older persons health as it helps stave off depression and dementia as the mind keeps mind active. Here are a few tips and bits of inspiration towards ensuring your relative keeps socially active in their later years.

Get Care at Home
Services like Extra Care at Home not only provide help with domestic tasks such as cleaning and hygiene routines but also offer companionship and conversation. Carers will accompany their clients to the shops and help arrange their social calendar to make engaging with the outside world as easy as possible. Just having someone else around the house at regular times can work wonders for the mood of someone who has began to feel isolated and providing a link to external facilities and services can be invaluable. Many companies today will make use of up to date technology like home care scheduling software to assist with all their scheduling needs to ensure the client receives the best care possible at the times they need it.  

Join a Club
Most cities, towns and villagers have organised clubs and societies specifically aimed at older people. Many provide transport so they can get picked up and host games, activities and talks. It’s a great way to keep someone stimulated and meet people in similar situations.

A great way for your relative to feel useful is to get them to volunteer. There are a wealth of opportunities at different venues and companies including roles where volunteers can work directly with the public or just behind the scenes with colleagues. Museums and National Trust properties can be great for this.

Connect to the Web
More and more of the older generations are learning how easy it is to go online. There is so much to discover through Facebook reminiscence groups, local news sites and inspiration for activities.

Take Them Shopping
A simple trip to the local shops can make a big difference to someone who is stuck in the house all week. They may see old friends, catch up on gossip and get some inspiration for new meals to cook.

Eat Out
Most pubs and restaurants have pensioner specials either on the menu every day or particular days of the week. Making this a regular occurrence will provide a change of scenery and allow your older relative to form bonds with new people they will see on a regular basis.

Befriender Service
Charity Age UK run an excellent telephone service which provides older people with a ‘befriender’ who they can ring at set times for friendly conversation.

Fitness classes

Check the local gym to see what classes are on offer for older people. Lower intensity and shorter duration are great for general health and wellbeing as well as providing the social aspect of meeting people which will improve mood and confidence. This is a real catch-all solution.  

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  1. Absolutely. At an old age they need care and love. Elderly Care Services are doing the same for them. Happy have them. Thanks for sharing.


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