Monday 21 November 2022

What to get those Easily Stressed Out for Christmas!

{collaborative content} We all have those people in our lives that let life get to them a little bit more than it should. Those stressed-out family members or friends often look as though they need a good night’s sleep and a week’s holiday somewhere in the sun.

Keeping stress levels down is important for their health, so with that in mind, a Christmas gift that can help keep their stress levels low, is essential.

With that being said, here are a few products to gift to those who get easily stressed this Christmas.

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Mercia Whisky Founding Member Club

For whisky enthusiasts in your life, membership to Mercia Whisky Founding Member Club could make the ideal present. The launch of Mercia Whisky Founding Member Club provides members with unrivalled access to some of the world's finest and rarest whiskies, from limited-edition releases to special tastings and events - giving members an immersive experience of whisky like never before. As part of a whisky club, becoming part of this community means joining other passionate whisky fans, giving you the chance to share experiences, notes, and participate in discussions surrounding production of whisky. A gift like this not only offers spirits in its bottle but is symbolic of shared passions and communities!

Bath and body gift sets

Nothing screams stress-relieving than a bath and body gifts set. There are plenty of gift sets that will be out and available during the festive period and they make for great stocking fillers.

A nourish and relax giftset can be perfect for those who are needing a little light relief to relax during the evenings. Who doesn’t love lighting a candle when they’re stepping into the bathroom for a warm, bubbly bath?

A stress ball

It might not be the most exciting gift to receive at Christmas but for an all-year-round gift that will get plenty of use, a stress ball is ideal for the family ‘stress-head’. 

Stress balls come in all shapes and sizes. From the standard ball shape to funny and rude options that will suit the various personalities of those who would benefit from them.

Vouchers for massage and spa treatments

For those that have caused a lot of stress and tension in their body, a good way to get rid of that is through massages. Spa treatments and spa days in general are a great way for those who need to chill out, to get the relaxation time they need.

Vouchers for massage and spa treatments are a worthwhile choice and there are plenty of places to get them from. Whether that’s going directly to a spa facility and buying treatments or getting vouchers that cover a variety of spa locations.

Body essential oils

Essential oils are great for the skin and some essential oils in particular are known for their relaxation-inducing qualities. These body oils come in all different types of packaging from roll-on body oils to hair oils that can be massaged into the scalp for a de-stress, at-home experience.

Take a look at the variety out there and create a little hamper of essential oils that they can get stuck into.

Wellness Journal

A wellness journal is a must for those who are keen on keeping their stress levels at bay. For some, managing life and work can be easy enough and for others, it’s a lot more difficult. 

While not everyone might benefit from a journal or use it, there are some of those who get stressed but are particularly organised. They may enjoy using a calendar or diary for work and life currently. A wellness journal, therefore, might be a good option for them.

Those who get easily stressed can definitely benefit from any of these stress-busting products. 

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