Thursday 14 April 2022

How to make the most of your Home's Outdoor Storage.

{Collaborative Content} For many of us you can never have enough storage in your home. Yet there ultimately comes a time when your loft space, your cupboards, and even under the bed is filled with your family items. If you can’t part with your things, then there has to be a way to find more storage, right? And what about storing your garden items? This article is going to look out how to make the most of your home’s outdoor storage.

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Construct A Wooden Garage

Building a full garage can be both costly and difficult to do. But oak garage kits are a great way to construct a sturdy garage that can help you with outdoor storage without costing a fortune to make. Oak framed garages provide a structure with a roof and solid frame where you can store your vehicles, and also any outdoor items that need protection from the rain. Think of any items - like garden furniture - you have no storage for in the garden that would benefit from a little overhead cover. You can even install shelving units and hanging racks in the garage for items that need tidying away.

Create A Conservatory

A conservatory is a lean-to made of plastic or glass that is placed directly beside your property. It effectively allows you to add another room to your home without necessarily needing planning permission. Conservatories can be used for garden storage, but also interior storage as they should be waterproof. Install shelving units in your conservatory to maximise your use of the space. That way you can still use it as an additional room in your home while still benefiting from the additional storage opportunities. 

Buy A Shed

Conservatories are not the only form of lean-to. You can create lean-to sheds on the outside of your property for additional storage opportunities. A shed of any size can help you add storage to your garden. You might have a tiny 2x3 shed which looks like a broom closet but allows you to put in your gardening implements and a lawnmower. Larger 6 x 6 sheds can store your paint pots and your garden furniture. Choose a shed that doesn’t take up your entire garden but allows you to put in your essential items. 

Sheds are usually of a plastic or wood construction. They can have a single opening door or sliding doors which allow you to access more of the shed. You can also install additional shelves to make the most of the space. Hanging hooks and racks are also a great storage tool to put in a shed. You can repurpose tool racks for storing garden implements and items.

Repurposed Furniture 

Benches, tables, or wooden crates are all fantastic ideas for outdoor storage. You don’t need a shed to store your garden items. Traditional furniture can be repurposed with extra storage opportunities - a bench can lift for outdoor toy storage, that table can also open up to store your plant pots. You can even get larger yet discreet storage containers if you’re trying to hide your bike or wheelie bins. You can repurpose standard living room furniture for use in the great outdoors. A bookcase could be turned sideways and used as a storage bench with some paint and a little creativity. 

A Summer House

You can build a wooden summerhouse yourself with the help of some DIY videos. A summer house is more like a garden room than a shed, but can still be used for multiple storage opportunities. Summer houses need to be less than one storey and not exceed 2.5 metres to fall below the threshold for planning permission. Add bookshelves and storage boxes to your summer house to help store your outdoor items but still create a relaxing room to enjoy the sunnier months.


Having outdoor storage can reduce the pressure on your inside cabinets, lofts and shelves. Lean-to or wood-framed garages, conservatories and sheds are a great opportunity to maximise the space you have outdoors. Sheds and summerhouses can also be free-standing and are a great addition to any garden space. For your summer houses you might want to make the storage more discreet so you can still enjoy your new garden room. 

Furniture can also be repurposed for the outdoors itself, so you can use multifunctional benches, bookcases and tables for additional storage as well as furniture. Shelving units and hanging racks are a great way to tidy up your garden space, to avoid clutter and allow you to make the most of the summer months.

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