Tuesday 4 August 2020

4 Ways to Creating a Relaxing Garden Space.

{Collaborative content} Many of us have experienced stress and worry over the last few months thanks to the pandemic, so we do need to find a way to rest and unwind. 

A vacation would usually be on the cards for some of us, with a little bit of r&r in sunnier climates. But for financial reasons as well as health reasons, it could be that we choose to stay at home instead this year. And it's for this reason that we should concentrate on our garden space. The more we can do to make our gardens relaxing the better, as hopefully, our stresses will start to melt away when we spend time outside.

So, to keep yourself healthy and happy, here are a few suggestions we hope you find useful.

#1: Create a private nook

 You will never be able to fully relax if your neighbours are constantly popping their heads over your fences. The same applies if people can see you from overhead windows. So, do yourself a favour and create a quiet and secluded nook where privacy can be guaranteed.

 In the long-term, you might consider the benefits of an outdoor building from Modern Garden Rooms, as you will have that extra bit of privacy and shelter in your garden. But if money is tight right now, and you want a quick-fix solution, pick out some large shrubs from your local garden centre, or choose vines and hanging plants, and have them surrounding your designated private area. 

#2: Surround yourself with fragrant flowers

You probably understand the relaxing benefits of aromatherapy already, so surround yourself with soothing scents outside. Visit your local garden centre and look at their potted plant selection, or choose something you can easily plant in the ground near your relaxation area. Gardenia, honeysuckle, and roses are just a few of the fragrant outdoor flowers you might choose for your garden, but follow your nose and choose what pleases you.

#3: Use calming sounds 

You could, of course, pipe dolphin sounds into your garden from your Alexa device, but your neighbours will probably be less-than-pleased if you do! Instead, find other ways to add calming sounds into your outdoor area. 

Wind chimes can create those relaxing sounds you might be looking for, and if you choose something made out of bamboo or metal, they will withstand the weather too. And if the sound of running water doesn't automatically make you want to use the loo, you might consider a water feature. A small pond, waterfall sculpture, or a fountain can provide the calming sounds of water for your relaxation area, and they make for a nice centrepiece for your garden too.

#4: Purchase comfortable seating

To fully relax, you need something comfortable to sit on when out in your garden. You could buy a sun lounger with plush cushioned seating, for example, or you could scatter large cushions on the floor. You could even buy a swing or a hammock if you have trees to hang them on, as you would have something else to relax on when you're wanting to the beauty and peace of your garden.

These are just a few of the ways to create a relaxing garden space, so consider our suggestions, and then spend more time outside this summer to de-stress away from the world around you.

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