Sunday 30 August 2020

Beautiful Character Features you Absolutely Need in your Home!

{Collaborative Content} While technology offers the potential to make constructing properties less expensive, it doesn’t appear to be thrilling buyers. It is now possible to prefab a property with everything you need in a factory and ship it out to a site, but few people want to live in soulless boxes. Homes aren’t just about meeting our material needs - they have to satisfy our aesthetic desires as well. 

This drive, therefore, could explain why so many people pay extra for character properties. We want our houses to include timeless features that delight our senses and help us to feel as though we’re living in a real home. We also want our house to feel safe and secure for peace of mind. Having a 'roof' over our heads is sometimes something we may take for granted but when things start to go wrong with this roof, e.g losing roof tiles, irrepairable damage from wild weather or you simply want a new roof or to change your roof, all these things to consider when changing your roof up this is why it is so important to speak to a reputable company such as roofers in Coventry for top quality advice and workmanship and professional advice on what you may or may not want.

The origins of these feelings are hard to explain. They don’t fit into the scientific world-view particularly well. But they certainly exist. 

In this post, we chronicle the beautiful character features that you absolutely need in your home. Check them out below. 

Solid Wood Doors

Pixabay - CC0 License

Most internal doors in homes are made of a combination of MDF and cheap stuffing. They’re light, affordable and easy to install, but they do little to add character or passion to your home. You wind up living in a property that feels inexpensive and unloved. 

Solid wood doors, on the other hand, are an entirely different kettle of fish. These sturdy objects often come with detailed engraving, patterns in the wood, and large knobs. What’s more, the solid wood offers a sense of presence and physicality that you just don’t get with the cheap alternatives. 

Railed Or Spiral Staircases

Pixabay - CC0 License

Railed and spiral staircases might sound like a feature of the most luxurious homes. Still, prices are coming down, and now they’re accessible to the vast majority of people. 

Spiral staircases harken back to the medieval age and were often used in castles as a defensive aid. Now, though, you find them in many exquisite homes, usually as a secondary staircase, designed to take up less area in the property. 

Beamed Ceilings

Oak beams running across the ceiling or up the walls are one of the most common character features. In the past, builders would first construct the frame of a building using wood and then fill in the gaps with a mixture of aggregate and plaster. With the advent of brick, the building technique fell out of fashion. 

Nowadays, many property hunters want to return to the old ways. There’s something cosy about wooden beams, low ceilings and warped wood that makes a property feel infinitely more relaxing. 

Stained Glass

Stained glass is a feature of modern homes, but there’s nothing quite like the classic equivalent. While it looks less polished than the manufactured variety, there’s something incredibly real about it. 

Stained glass is best experienced in hallways and stairwells. It helps to create a kaleidoscope of colours as the light shines through, allowing the character of rooms to change profoundly with the course of the sun. In the middle of the day, you get a rainbow effect. While in the evening and at night, it looks more like a regular room. 

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