Friday 20 December 2019

Finding Focus in the New Year.

{Collaborative} With 2020 just around the corner I have lots of plans as always. I am about to undertake a new course for work with the hope to become a Nurse Practitioner ...... somewhere along the line! One of the things I hugely struggle with is procrastinating and losing focus. I am very easily distracted and no matter how hard I try I find it very hard to focus. This is one of the reasons that I'd put off doing intense courses, I found it difficult to dedicate the time previously before Elarna had started school, now I have two children at school I'm hoping this will enable me to be knuckle down and be able to dedicate more time to studying and revising. I thought it would be a good idea to compile a few goals for myself then maybe if I have these things set I might at least have a target to work towards! Well, I can try....

- First things first I will make sure that I have a good study space, a decent sized desk to spread out my notes and have plenty of room for my laptop and books and resources I might need. I feel that I may benefit from something like an office booth!! Surely one of these would be acceptable in the house?

- Be clear of distractions, I sometimes finds having background radio on is ok but anything more than that and I get very distracted.

- Not do too much in one go, bite sized chunks are usually how I manage my study time, any more than 45 minutes in a go and my brain becomes a bit frazzled.

- Keep hydrated, I tend to keep some squash by me so I don't have to keep getting up to the kitchen!

- Get some fresh air, it may seem such a simple thing to do but stretching your legs and going for a 10 minute walk really clears the head and sets you up for another round of working.

- Don't put too much pressure on yourself, if you don't feel up to working it is ok to take a day off it or only study for a short amount of time!

- Remember it's ok to ask for help. If you're struggling don't hesitate to ask for some support or assistance, don't suffer in silence. 

Studying can be really tough, especially if you're like me and not studied properly for a while! Focus on the outcome and what you want to achieve and go with the flow. 

Has anyone got any other suggestions on focusing in on studying?

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