Monday 9 December 2019

Christmas Gift Guide 2019!

{Featuring gifted items} Christmas is just around the corner and we are soooo very excited in the Blogging Beautifully household. I love embracing the Christmas spirit and on Christmas morning seeing the children's eyes light up when they see their gifts from Santa is like nothing else.

I have a lovely selection of gift ideas to share with you if you're still looking for gifts or if you've not even started! I have about half of shopping still to do, I'm usually far more organised than this but I've had a very busy few weeks so it's been a struggle. Hopefully I can inspire you with some of these lovely items. 

They are in no particular order and first up is one that us definitely going to be popular this year, Luvabella Newborn Doll (RRP £39.99) it has been a hit in our house and many may remember how popular the original Luvabella was when it was released well this is new version, a newborn with realistic movements and interactions and I have to say she is brilliant. A must for any child that loves dollies and similar.

Next up some lovely skin care items from Hello Body (varying prices and products available), I love this brand, natural beauty products that really do what they say they do. Hello Body say:  Because we want only the best for your skin and the environment, we refuse to use the following in our products: parabens, sulphates, microplastics and aluminium. We do not resort to irritating ingredients such as denatured alcohol, or mineral oils and waxes, whose benefits on the skin are low. I have been using the aloe items for the last few weeks and I love them. They would make a great gift for a loved one. 

Next up we have these two great items from Geomag. For those who aren't aware of this brand Geomag are leading the way with an incredible selection of educational and inspiring toys. Many of Geomags toys are based upon the invisible and and magical power of magnetism. Recently, the force of gravity also features. If you have a child with a curious mind or just loves to build and experiment or you're looking for a gift to inspire your child with STEM learning Geomag toys are certainly for you.

The first set is the Mechanics Challenge (RRP £18.00 and available from leading retailers), Geomag say about this set Follow the included instructions to create an awesome magnetic shooting cannon from the 95 Geomag Mechanics pieces. When you’ve completed it, use the mechanical and magnetic forces of the construction to practice your aim and hit the targets with the steel spheres'. What a lot of fun!

This set is one of the new ones to hit the shelves recently, the Geomag Confetti (RRP around £40.00 and available from leading retailers) With its explosion of colour the confetti addition offers longevity for play and is incredible for unleashing imagination and offers endless possibilities. Obviously it's worth mentioning there are lots of small parts in these items so definitely not suitable for little ones under 36 months old.

We then have a selection of items from BrightMinds which is an online retailer full of educational and fun toys and learning resources, it is a fantastic website and I high recommend it as there is a fantastic selection of items. First up we have this amazing Great White Shark anatomy model (£26.99), I know my 7 year old is going to love this, as both an animal lover, avid questioner of everything and aspiring zoologist this is ideal as a fun and enjoyable educational gift. 

Next we have this times table tray (RRP £12.99) perhaps not your usual Christmas gift but a very useful and resourceful item I'm sure you will agree! It's always good when these kind of toys look appealing but you know something good is going to come out of it! I am thinking of other ways that it can be played with to help with learning times tables!

The next item is this rather funk Sparkle Works design and drill kit (RRP £34.99), again focusing on the educational aspect this sound activated activity board can be used to create lots of colourful patterns with the screw and screwdriver provided and watch the lights and colours dance all over the board. Designed to develop shape recognition and motor skills this is perfect for my 4 year old daughter who has just started school.

One of my favourite things to do over Christmas is to do a jigsaw!! I absolutely love a puzzle and I don't get to do them as much as I used to - I remember when I was pregnant with Alfie doing a jigsaw was one of my favourite things to do, it really chilled me out! I think this has rubbed off on Alfie as he also loves doing jigsaws and for a 7 year old I'm pretty impressed that he can get on and do a 1000 piece with minimal help! My favourite jigsaws are the Wasjig brand from Jumbo Games. I love that you don't know what image you are actually making and have a select few clues on the box to go by and to help you along. It is an added challenge and I love the imagery that is used on these jigsaws and the humour that goes along with them. I can't wait to have a go doing this one and if you have someone who enjoys doing jigsaws then this would be a perfect Christmas gift. There are tons of designs available, you will be spoilt for choice I promise!

For the sweet toothed family and friends how about a personalised sweet jar from sweetsntreats pretty much any sweet you can choose from in these gorgeous retro sweet jars with a variety of labels to choose from. Retailing from about £8.50 upwards these would be a great Secret Santa gift or a Christmas treat! Not only that but lovely quality and if you go for something like the unicorn pencils they last for ages! Mmm mmmm delicious!

For the chef in the house how about this rather nifty gadget, the Any Sharp knife sharpener (RRP £19.99 and available from leading retailers), this cool little gadget is a must in the kitchen. It sharpens any knife with diamond precision and even hardened knives such as Global or Sabatier and you can also sharpen serrated knives too! Safe to use and the power grip suction attaches to any flat surface. Very handy!

Christmas isn't complete without a mug of course! This Princess mug (RRP £9.99) is available from IWOOT and I love it and can certainly think of who I would choose it for hehe. IWOOT have an amazing selection of items, there is SO many to choose from and the Disney range is fantastic. I could spend an absolute fortune on there, I cannot begin to tell you how much choice there is. Head on over if you're still looking for that perfect Christmas gift and there are prices for any budget from stocking filler price to more extravagant gifts.

Also available on IWOOT are an amazing selection of jumpers, there are loads of Disney ones as well as lots of other themed ones with different designs, you can even get matchy matchy ones aswell. A perfect Christmas gift!

Finally, how about these stunning items from Leila Vibert Stokes, these luxury items are beautiful. Using sustainable materials and manufactured in the UK these items are inspired by nature, its natural habitats and creatures that live there. The designer is a print designer and digital illustrator specialising in colourful and fantastical designs. You can tell from her items that they are made with passion and her personality shines through. If you want to treat someone to something totally unique and special these items are just perfect for this. 

The make up bag (RRP £30.00) is the perfect size to take away on a weekend and is perfect for brushes, lippies and mascara, those kind of items. It is so pretty and well made and would make a lovely stocking filler. The notebook is so cute (RRP £18.00), everyone needs a pretty notebook in their life and this one is the perfect handbag size. I am forever making lists so this would also make an ideal stocking filler. These items are fabulous. Happy shopping guys!

So there we have my Christmas gift guide for 2019! I hope you have enjoyed reading it and it's given you some inspiration of you're still looking for a special gift for someone. Happy Christmas guys!

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