Thursday 25 July 2019

To The End of Year 2!

Wow, wow, wow. How on earth is is the end of the academic year. We are at the end of a wonderful term, in fact a wonderful school year. I feel like year 2 has been Alfie's best, his teacher has been amazing and just 'got' him which has made such a difference to his learning and attitude at school. He's now at the end of key stage 1 and things are going to start getting tougher, trickier and more challenging but my boy is ready, I know that. I always feel a bit weird at the end of the school year, a little bit emotional which I know sounds ridiculous but the months whizz by with lots of things going on during the year and then in a blink of an eye the academic year is done.....nuts. As I have done the last couple of years I have written a few words to my boy as he gets ready to have a good rest and enjoy his Summer holidays before starting in year 3!


Another year done, you have achieved such an enormous amount this year. On reading your end of year school report my heart burst with pride with the praise from your teacher and head teacher, the little professor at school eh! Your thirst for knowledge and facts has become even more apparent and you are such a little factoid. You spelling is insane, you have free read for many months now and tricky maths is really starting to click. Your imagination is growing and never once have you come home from school upset or down you just adore the place and love to learn. We really are so proud of you. If you could start reflecting you school report in your attitude at home that would be great! Mostly you are a joy but at times listening and back chatting play a big part......still!

You have a new found confidence, gone is the shy little mouse that started in EYFS (reception) but now we have a boy that has had several speaking parts in assembly, clear and concise and confident. It's an amazing transition, we've found you have started to enjoy singing your heart out and having a little boogie which again is something you would never have done a few years ago. You have a wonderful little friendship group and I love hearing about what you get up to on the playground.....oh and of course that girls are disgusting and stinky haha. Saying that, you definitely have a soft spot for a couple of the girls which is so sweet!

We just love your school and your teacher this year has been phenomenal, what a shining star. She's just got you and your ways and instead of trying to get you to do other things she's incorporated your interests into your learning and enabled you to thrive and strive. You still a boy with very particular interests like trains, animals, reptiles but we have started to see you take an interest in other things like history and more sporting things. 

You've smashed the awards this year with 2 gold awards through earning house points, received a head teacher award and star of the week which is brilliant. 

We saw you race your way to 2nd place ...... very almost 1st, in your running race at sports day, those little legs were going super fast! It's also been a packed academic year with loads going on throughout the year, shows, fairs, sports day, school trips and loads of memory making with your friends which you will remember forever, I promise. 

As you are 7 years old now you're becoming more aware of your feelings, you're quite the emotional boy and seem to be affected by lots of things, some irrational, some deep. I'm sure you'll start to learn how to control your feelings and outbursts and we will support you every step of the way. You also are definitely trying your best to test the limits at times too, goodness me you can be a right rotter sometimes but then at other times you are the sweetest, most caring boy. You're always wanting to rescue creatures from outside and bring them in....not so awesome at times haha, then at other times you're wild, feral and completely nuts. Of course we would never change you and I urge you to continue being the crazy, geeky, cheeky boy that you are. 

As always, I'm very excited to see what the next year holds for you in year 3!! Your sister will be starting school in September and as her big bro I am hoping you will watch out for her and look after her, remember back to your first days starting school and how unsure you were. 

You've lost loads of teeth in the last year, you look like a pirate at times hehe, those adult teeth will soon be taking over though. Oh and don't get me started on the growth spurt! Although you're not and never will be the tallest in the year you've shot up in height and shoe size in the last few months, t-shirts were suddenly showing you belly and shorts not doing up which meant a whole load of new uniform for you!

Enjoy your 6 weeks of my lovely boy, relax, sleep in, have fun and make memories because before you know it will be Summer again and the new academic year starts all over again. I can't wait for our holiday together and then I can't wait to spend some one on one time with you just me and you.

So here is to year 3, what it will bring who knows but I know my boy is ready to tackle it head on! Love you son!

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