Sunday 16 June 2019

Lingerie Trends Through the Years.

{collaborative} I have always loved historical fashion, I can remember years and years ago my Mum taking me to the costume museum in Bath and I loved it and have since spent years loving costume drama's and historical dress. If I hadn't gone down nursing route I would have really liked to delve more into the history of fashion for sure. Looking at how fashion has evolved is amazing, I mean can you imagine all those years ago having to such big dresses with corsets and all that skirt....crazy or what?! However they did look so elaborate and beautiful. Not only has historical fashion evolved but what is worn underneath, lingerie has moved on a long way from what it used to be.....

These days underwear is commonly worn as 'outer wear' and the variety of lingerie available these days is tremendous with the underwear industry catering for all shapes, sizes and women. As a bigger busted lady myself it is refreshing to see companies finally providing us with pretty, lacy lingerie rather than drab and boring undies which quite frankly was depressing! 

Can you imagine wearing a corset these says? Although I say that, corsets have started to come back into fashion again, I have heard although they are not overly comfortable to wear they do wonders for your waist and posture when worn in short doses. Back when corsets were worn it was to pull you in and manipulate the female body into an unnatural shape that would potentially damage internal organs and cause other lasting effects to the women's body. Fashion trends did move on though and bloomers and bra's did soon make an appearance thankfully! 

As women stepped away from the corsets and hiding their bodies in the 50's and 60's it was all about embracing womanly curves and highlighting the women's shape and body, it was a much more sexy vibe and I think now lingerie takes a bit influence from these years. Push up bra's, baby dolls and lace started to take centre stage and things just started to move on. Thongs are out and bigger knickers and high waisted items are much more in these days.

So, would you fancy or a corset or are you more a bloomers type of woman? Do share!

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