Monday 17 June 2019

Hatchimals Pixies! *Review*

 Ad {gifted} Hatchimals are back but this time with a very sparkly and glittery twist in the form of pixies (RRP £7.99)!! My youngest absolutely loves these surprise toys, anything that is bright, colourful and sparky is also an added bonus. We have liked Hatchimals right from the very beginning, if you cast your mind back to about 2016 these toys were selling like hot cakes and many parents struggled to get hold of them, since then the brand has become one of the market leaders of blind bagged/surprise toys and the ever growing collection of Hatchimals continues to excite and enthrall children. 

These gorgeous, glittery eggs hide the pixies inside and as with all the other Hatchimals range the heart on the egg is gently rubbed until it turns pink and the egg can then be broken into using your thumbs to reveal what's inside. There are 8 pixies that can be found at the moment, I expect there will be more added to the range at some point very soon. There are four different coloured eggs to choose from and you catch hatch a pixie from four different lands which are glittering garden, polar paradise, crystal canyon or wishing star waterfall. 

 The eggs are easy to hatch and once the egg is cracked you can see your pixie sitting proudly within. Each pixie has sparkly, colourful hair and glamorous outfits, they have poseable heads and adorable little wings that actually flutter. They are so cute! 

The pixies are not just the only thing you'll find inside the egg. The base of the eggs also transforms into a little pixie bed shaped with a pillow and pretend cover, there are also 3 other accessories to discover inside. These range from hairbands that attach to the head of the pixie and assortment of other accessories depending on the pixie received. 

Also you receive a collector sheet featuring the pixies you can find inside the eggs and a little bit about what they like. The pixies discovered where Polar Penelope and Crystal Cassie. Both pixies came with little headbands which attach to their heads, Polar Penelope also came with some little boots and a snow cone and Crystal Cassie also had a little treasure chest and drink. They also come with little clear stands for the pixies that attach on their feet so they can stand up supported.

 Elarna absolutely loves them, I think she's played with them more than certain other brands of surprise toys, they really appeal to her and it's encouraged her to do little role plays and being able to stare the little accessories under the bed is also a bonus.

 What did we like?

- We loved how bright and sparkly the pixies are, they are great addition to the already fab Hatchimals range

- What a great price (RRP £7.99), these are the perfect pocket money/little treat gifts and absolutely worth the cost, I don't think I would pay much more that this so personally for me I think the costing is just right, they would make a lovely birthday gift also

- The little accessories that come with the pixies are brilliant and so cute - The bottom of the egg transforming into a bed and storage area is such a good idea, especially as I hate to see toys with so much waste so being able to reuse the base is great

- They bring a smile to a childs face and encourage role play and imaginative play

Was there anything we weren't so keen on?

- Overall we loved everything about the pixies, however it's worth mentioning the accessories are very small so these are not suitable for anyone younger than 4 I would say

- I loved being able to use the base but I think what would make it even better would be having a clip or some way of the bed being able to attach to the base of the egg to keep the spare bits safe

- At the moment there are only 8 varieties available so being able to find each pixie to collect them all is going to be slim, however I believe there will be more coming to the range very soon which is great

We would absolutely recommend Hatchimals pixies, they have been a big hit with my daughter and I will definitely be purchasing more for her at some point. Overall a fab little toy and they are available from leading retailers right now so don't miss out! I will leave you with a few more pictures of the sparkly little pixies! 

I would love to hear what you guys think? Have you ever had any Hatchimals? What did you think?

* Please note we were very kindly sent the items free of charge in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are my own.

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