Friday 10 May 2019

Revamping your Living Room.

Ad {collaborative} I'm a person that likes to move furniture around and try different things in rooms to see if we're maximising the space. I often find myself thinking about how we can improve where we have our furniture and how simple changes can make quite a big difference to a room. For example, we would love to get a new kitchen/diner at some point, however this isn't an option at the moment so to give our kitchen a new lease of life I simply changed the colour of the walls, added some new art work and some fresh, white wooden blinds - I can't tell you how much difference it made! 

I have recently been thinking about our living room. We've been quite indecisive about how we would like to decorate it and at the moment it's fairly plain and dominated by our rather large sofa's! We have a beautiful log burner but some wasted space in the crevice where it is. I've thought long and hard about how we can maximise this space and I think I'm going to paint it a very dark, striking colour and add some shelves to display photos of the kids and some ornaments, make it a really focal point. 

I've also been wondering about a a new coffee table , we have a large wooden coffee table at the moment and although this is lovely I have been lusting after something a bit more modern and would fit into our decor better, but also something that is long lasting and looks great. Sometimes simple changes such as a new coffee table can make an impact. 

I would also like to keep our current family canvases on the wall but make more of a picture wall with them, I love capturing family memories and I think having these images in our living room keeps with the family theme but also makes our living room feel cosy and welcoming. 

I love candles but am always conscious about open flames with the kids so I use wax burners, these I find make our house smell divine and I love that I can change the scent depending on the season!

I also have several throws in the living room, it keeps us warm in the colder months and they look great when added to the sofa's, adds a nice homely touch.....don't you think?

Have you guys got any ideas what else I can do to change our living room and revamp it?

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