Tuesday 14 May 2019

6 Things People Get Wrong when Buying and Wearing Jewellery

Ad {collaborative content} Jewellery is such an important part of building an outfit because it’s those added accessories that really take it to the next level. The right necklace or bracelet can turn a pretty dull outfit into an amazing one just like that, so you need to have a well stocked jewellery box. However, there’s a fine line between looking great and ruining your outfit with the wrong jewellery, but a lot of people make the mistake. It’s important that you know how to buy the right jewellery, how to look after it, and how to match it to your outfits so it compliments them rather than ruining them. If you find that your jewellery just isn’t working for you, it could be because you’re making one of these common mistakes.

Thinking That Expensive Means Better

When it comes to buying jewellery, you could spend literally millions if you had the money, but more expensive doesn’t always mean better. A lot of people assume that, just because something is expensive, it’s going to be great quality and it will look great with anything that you wear it with. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. It all depends on the style of jewellery that works for you and what you’ve got in your wardrobe. You can buy the most expensive piece of jewellery in the world but if it doesn’t suit you, it doesn’t suit you.

It’s more important to think about what fits with your style and which different outfits you’re likely to wear it with. You also need to set yourself a good budget before you go out shopping. If pushy salespeople try to get you to look at the more expensive stuff, just let them know that you weren’t planning to spend that much and they’ll direct you to the cheaper stuff.

Not Caring For It Properly

If you’re spending a lot of money on a piece of jewellery and it’s good quality, it should last you a lifetime. However, it will only last if you care for it properly. So many people spend good money on jewellery but then they neglect it and it starts to look worn and tired. It’s important that you’re cleaning it properly on a regular basis so it doesn’t become tarnished. You also need to store it in a lined jewellery box so it doesn’t get scratched or dented when you aren’t wearing it. If you just shove it in the back of a drawer and leave it there, it’s not going to look great next time you bring it out to wear it.

Layering Too Much

Layering jewellery is a good way to wear it, but so many people go overboard. Necklaces, for example, look great if you layer up a few smaller ones over a nice floral dress. It gives the same effects as a chunky necklace but you get more variety in the jewellery. You can do exactly the same with bracelets as well, but it’s so important that you get the balance right. If you try to layer up too many chunky necklaces or bracelets, it will just look crowded and none of those pieces will stand out. It’s important that it looks as though you’ve made an informed choice about which pieces to wear together, rather than just putting on every necklace that you own.

People often do the same with piercings. Layering up earrings is a popular fashion trend at the moment and it can look great, but only if you get the balance right. For example, combining some tragus earrings with lobe piercings is fine, but if you also have a rook piercing as well, that may be too much. You also need to make sure that if you’ve got rings in one area of the ear, you’re using a smaller stud elsewhere so you don’t have one piece of jewellery taking over from another and they all stand out.

Not Considering The Occasion

It’s important that you match the jewellery that you wear with your outfit, but you also need to consider the occasion. Not every piece of jewellery is going to be suitable for wearing at work or to a formal event. In general, larger pieces of jewellery, especially chunky necklaces, work best with a more casual outfit. They’re great for summer outfits with long flowing dresses, but they’re a lot harder to match with a black dress at a formal event. Equally, smaller more understated pieces of jewellery are fine for lifting a fairly plain, smart outfit, but they’re going to get lost in a casual dress that has a lot of colour and a bold print. It’s important that you think about the tone of the occasion when you’re picking jewellery.

Not Having A Focal Point

Layering jewellery and matching different pieces is fine, but it’s important that you have a focal point as well. Statement pieces like a big necklace or some large dangly earrings are fine on their own, but if you wear both, it isn’t clear what the focal point is. This is when the outfit will start to become crowded and messy and it will seem as though you haven’t put much thought into it at all. When you’re wearing statement jewellery, it’s important that you choose one larger piece and then use smaller, more subtle pieces of jewellery elsewhere.

Not Considering Skin Tone

Most people consider skin tone when picking out clothes and they know that if they have fairly light skin, wearing lots of white can make them look a bit pale. However, a lot of people forget to follow the same rules when they’re picking out jewellery. If you have a darker, warmer skin tone, gold is definitely the best colour for you. But people with fair skin look a lot better in silver or platinum. That doesn’t mean that somebody with fair skin can never wear gold jewellery, but it’s important that you consider it and experiment with pieces to make sure that they compliment your skin tone well.

If you can avoid these mistakes when buying and wearing jewellery, you can make sure that it always compliments your outfit and elevates it to a new level.

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