Saturday 28 February 2015

How Much Washing?!

I don't know about you but my washing machine is on all the time. The poor thing never seems to have a day off at the moment, I don't know how two adults and one little person, soon to be two little people can possibly create so much washing? As soon as I can (almost) the bottom of the basket, literally within 24 hours it's almost full again. How is this possible? 

Yesterday I did three big loads of washing and there was only a couple of items left in the bottom of the basket, I look this morning and the basket is about half full, I just don't know where it all comes from. I should start running a launderette I'm sure. 

When we moved into our house we were lucky enough to have integrated appliance's which was fantastic as we didn't have to purchase any, but five years down the line some are starting to reach the end of their life (overuse I reckon!) and it'll soon be time to purchase some new items. We did recently have to replace our dishwasher and I suspect the washing machine will be next on the agenda, I can only imagine what a panic I will have if our current one packs in! 

Although our current washing machine is not a bad one next time I will definitely be looking for something that has a bigger capacity, is quieter and has a quick wash, also that is energy efficient which is think these days is a fairly important feature. 

One of the brands that we favour in our house is Panasonic and when I've been looking around at new appliance's Panasonic washing machine's have stood out at me with all the requirement's that I would be looking for. In particular the 'auto load sensor' that is featured on some of the Panasonic models, this detects the amount of washing in the drum and reduces the water and power consumption as necessary, what a great thing to include!I think when choosing large appliance's it's always best to stick with brands that are known and trusted just in case there happened to be a problem. 

I'm keeping my fingers tightly crossed that our washing machine doesn't pack in any time soon but in the meantime I better put another load of washing in before it starts spilling out of the basket onto the floor!!

Please tell me I'm not the only one that seems to constantly have the washing machine on all day?!

* Published in collaboration with Panasonic.


  1. It's not just you! I have done two loads already today....I'm just waiting for some to dry before I put another load on x

    1. It's just crazy isn't we are now Monday and I have about 4 loads of washing to do, I don't know where it comes from?!! Arghhh!! x


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