Tuesday 18 March 2014

Rocking Roquito Peppers - Review

Roquito chilli peppers, what are they?

These cheeky little chilli peppers certainly pack a surprising punch when you try them, on first taste they are sweet and delicious and then after a few seconds you get that familiar explosion of fiery chilli pepper zing. Roquito peppers are hand selected jalapenos from South America that will blow your socks off. 

I find these peppers to be quite versatile, they work excellently in a tomato pasta dish but equally as well to pep up a chilli con carne, we also found the sliced variety lovely topping homemade pizzas to add a touch of variety to the mix. 

We also found the chilli pepper pearls lovely chopped up into a bit of mayonnaise and spread onto a burger, it gives a lovely dimension to a homemade feast. I haven't tried stuffing the chilli pepper pearls yet but with some soft cream cheese they would be delicious. We have yet to try them in fajitas or enchiladas but I think they would be a great accompaniment to them aswell. The possibilities are endless! 

Has anyone else tried Roquito Peppers? What have you used them in?
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  1. I've never tried this due to me being the fussiest eater in the world! lol I just have all my food plain! I do wish I liked more food though! x

  2. I love chilli peppers and these sound perfect. They would be nice thrown on a pizza or a jacket potato too.

    1. Yes! You would love them, they really do add a nice zing to meals :-) X


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