Monday 14 August 2023

The Top 5 Garden Renovations in the UK.

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{Collaborative Content} Garden renovations have increased in popularity since the beginning of the March 2020 lockdown. With nowhere to go, people invested in their outdoor space to help them create a relaxing and enjoyable space. But since then, garden renovations have remained popular; £18.6 billion was present on garden makeovers in 2021.

If you want to know what you can do to give your garden a new makeover, this post has some great ideas.


Among the most popular garden renovation searches in 2022 was for summer houses, with over 1.5 million searches. It's little wonder why summer houses are the ultimate luxury and can be an extremely flexible building to add to your home. Summer houses are typically wooden one-room structures that people use for many things. From an outdoor office, kids' playroom, cinema room, or just a place to sit, relax and enjoy being outside in all weather.


Paving can give your garden a whole new look. Natural stone and slate remain two of the most popular choices for garden paving in the UK. Porcelain tiles are becoming more desirable for people wanting a modern, sleek look, while yorkstone gives off a timeless rustic look for a more cottagey feel to add depth and texture to your garden. The best part is you can go entirely fully paved, partly paved or used paving to create a quirky design in your outdoor space.

Dining Area

As outdoor living becomes more popular in the UK, so does the desire to create the perfect outdoor eating and seating area. From a simple patio set with a table and two chairs to elaborate sets that can easily seat 8 or more people with a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, pizza oven and more. The key to creating the perfect dining area is to look at what you need from the space, whether it is for your family only or will you be entertaining, how the area flows with the rest of your garden and the weather in your local area; parasols can provide cover from the elements as can retractable awnings and pergolas too.


Lighting your garden can completely change how it looks and feels. You can opt for mains lighting for your outdoor areas or solar lights, lamp posts, wall lights, lights in the ground, spotlights, and more. But you can use lighting in many different ways. Highlight other parts of your garden to provide after-dark illumination for dining and seating areas or security lights for added protection and safety when using your garden, significantly more extensive gardens.

Water Features

While swimming pools aren’t highly sought after in the UK and have been for many years. Water features can range from ornamental structures to add to your design, garden ponds, mini lakes for more extensive gardens, waterfalls and more. Running water in your garden can be highly soothing and relaxing, and many people incorporate some water features for this reason. Plus, it can make an exciting talking point for visitors too.

Overhauling your garden can allow you to make many changes for the better so you can enjoy your outdoor space and create the perfect playground for you.

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