Tuesday 7 June 2022

Making Your Child a Citizen of the World.

{Collaborative content} Take a look at history’s most impressive people, and you’ll find that many of them had a streak of exploration running through their veins. They visited far-flung places and could talk with people all over the world. But in other terms: they were citizens of the world. While it’s important to remember where you come from, it’s greatly important to look beyond your own borders and see what else is out there. This is something that we all should be doing. But it’s especially important for children. With the world getting smaller all the time, it’s likely that success in the future will come the way of people who have an international mindset.

So how can you help them get one? We’ll take a look at some of the most effective methods in this blog.

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Meeting All People

The more people that they meet, the more comfortable they’ll be with people. However, it’s important to stress that this only works if they meet a variety of people. If everyone’s just like them, then it won’t be as effective! You should aim to introduce your child to people of all backgrounds. The more they do that, the more open they’ll be to other ways of thinking -- and that’s something that’s deeply important.

Time Overseas

You can help your child along their journey towards having an international mindset by ensuring they spend some time overseas. There are plenty of ways that you can do this. You could make sure they go on any school trips to Paris that are organised, for instance, or you could send them to spend a few weeks with a relative that lives overseas. The most fun option, of course, is to simply go on a holiday with them yourself. However, be sure to consider the other options, too -- there’s something about spending time overseas without a parent by your side that’s especially powerful.

Documentaries and Books

You’ll push your kids towards a more global mindset by ensuring they spend time abroad. But let’s be realistic: you won’t be able to take a trip all the time. You can supplement their foreign knowledge by watching documentaries at home and having a selection of books from around the world. Even exposure to music from other countries (not America) will work.

Encourage Exploration

If your kids feel that they can explore the world, then they’ll be more likely to do so! You can push them in this direction by encouraging them to explore whenever possible and by letting them know that the world is by and large an extremely safe place; they should have no fear! 

Basic Human Values 

Finally, you can ensure that your child has a mindset that can take them all over the globe by making sure they have the basic human values on lock. If they know that they’re no better or worse than another person, know how to give respect, and have an empathic view towards people of all backgrounds, then they’ll be in a terrific position. 

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