Thursday 27 January 2022

Helping Birds Thrive in your Garden.

{Collaborative content} What makes a winning garden for you? Is it beauty? Function? Vibrancy and health? For a lot of people, green spaces can be deeply therapeutic, and what can be more life-enhancing than the sound of birdsong? Of course, if you want to attract birds to your garden, then you need to make sure that it’s welcoming to them. Here, we’re going to look at a few tips you can take to make your garden more bird-friendly.

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Give them habitats

A place to shelter, to rest, and even to nest can help ensure that you’re going to have some feathered friends in your garden. Birds’ natural habitats have been shrinking due to human encroachment, so it’s only right that we each think about what we can do to produce an alternative in our own gardens. Building or buying and installing a birdhouse can work perfectly, but if you prefer a more natural approach, then you can also plant habitats for them, using hedgerows or even trees to make sure that birds will soon have a natural habitat that they can make a home out of.

Make sure they have good feed

Aside from a place to shelter, the next most basic need that you can help contribute to is providing some good food for those birds. There are all kinds of birdseed hangers that you can buy and hook up so that, so long as they have a perch, they have a place to nourish themselves. You can even invest in some higher nutrition options like cannabis seeds, which have more protein. This can be especially valuable in the winter when foraging for insects and bugs becomes tougher.

Make sure that they have fresh water

Water fixtures are rarely cheap, but if you’re serious about making a natural environment in your garden, it might be worth the investment. It can also be pretty good for the value of the home. A birdbath might be easier to clean and take care of, allowing them to drink and groom themselves. However, if you want to make your garden much more open to wildlife in general, then having a pond installed can attract mammals, as well as amphibians and water insects, which can serve as another food source for the birds.

Watch out for cats

You want to keep an eye out for your local predators. Bigger birds are a threat, but it’s the common household cat that can provide the most trouble. You can’t be there to scare them from your garden all the time. However, there are electronic deterrents you can use that produce a sound that will keep the cats away from your garden. Many people attest to the effectiveness of the sonic repellants when it comes to shooing cats away from your avian companions.

If you want a garden where birds thrive, then you should follow the tips above to make it happen. The value of seeing and hearing wildlife nourished by your own efforts can be incredibly rewarding.

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