Tuesday 2 November 2021

What to do if you Experience Ankle Pain.

{Collaborative Content} Ankle pain is one of the most common pains a person can experience. Like a bad back, it can happen at any time from the smallest injury. Hence, if you ever suffer from ankle pain, here is what to do.

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Find help

Finding help to assess the area and offer treatment is the best answer. You might discover that you have damaged your ankle or simply need a rest day. Either way, getting professional help from a podiatrist will ensure that you can fix the pain and live more comfortably.

Finding a podiatrist near me is simple if you ask for recommendations from your friends and family. They can lead you in the direction of local podiatrists so that you can get your pain seen and improved. 

Apply ice

When you experience pain in your ankle, you will likely notice inflammation around the area. Swelling is normal. It means that your body knows to protect the area. Whether you have damaged anything inside the ankle or not, it is useful to apply ice. 

This will reduce inflammation and make walking a little easier.


To further reduce and maintain the inflammation, it is a good idea to compress the affected area. 

It is useful to wear an ankle strap to keep the ankle in position and comfortable when you need to walk on it.

Elevate the foot

On the topic of inflammation, it can easily be kept at bay if you elevate the affected foot. Elevating it higher than your heart will ensure to reduce the swelling and make the area less painful. Sometimes, excess inflammation can heighten the pain. 

When possible, make sure to rest and elevate your foot until the inflammation and pain have subsided. 

Pain relief

To ease and manage the pain, pain relief is the best option. If the pain is persistent, pain relief will reduce the pain and make it more manageable throughout the day.

Over-the-counter mediation is available for anyone of age, which can start to work in less than half an hour. In no time you can feel more comfortable and manage the pain in your ankle. You may also wish to look into a natural option for pain relief - Maeng Da is one of the powerful variants of kratom that, when taken in a higher dose, can have great pain-relieving properties. If the pain continues and doesn’t improve, then stronger medication might be necessary.

Protective footwear

When you are wearing your compression bandage or sock, it is also a good idea to wear protective footwear. This will be any footwear that fits snugly around the ankle. Like a compression sock, it will keep the area protected and comfortable. 

The best options are hi-top trainers or boots. Anything with a thick and comfortable barrier around the area will ensure that it can avoid further injury and excessive movement. 

Combining these tips, you will be able to manage your pain and reduce the inflammation of your affected ankle. Your first stop should be medical help, in case there is something seriously damaged inside. If you avoid seeking a medical assessment, you could make the issue much worse and more painful. After this, they will offer you the right treatment methods to fix your ankle and eliminate the pain.

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