Thursday 28 January 2021

Helping Your Child Follow your Dreams.

{Collaborative Content} Every child has dreams of being something when they grow up. In the past, kids wanted to be famous footballers or singers. Now, they might want to be a YouTube star with millions of subscribers eagerly logging on to watch every new video. Most of the time, these dreams don’t come to fruition. Your child grows out of it, or they try something new and realize their original dreams are not what they want. But, regardless of what they want, you must help them follow their dreams, and here’s how.

Get To Know Them 

It sounds strange to suggest that you get to know your kids. You see them every day. You’ve known them all their lives. But, do you know your kids? Chances are they have interests that you don’t know about. If you want to encourage them to follow their dreams, you must get to know them. You can spend time with them as they practice and ask them about what they are doing or how they are doing it. Not only will you learn more about their hobby, but your child will also be pleased that you're showing an interest in their life.

Help Them Gain Self-Confidence 

Generally, there are two types of kids. There are the boisterous, loud children who love being the centre of attention, and there are the shy kids who prefer to stick to the sidelines and won’t put themselves out there. There is nothing wrong with either personality, but if your child shows signs of shyness, you can help them boost their confidence to give them the driver to show off their skills. If they have dreams of performing or being in front of an audience, this confidence is vital for helping them feel comfortable in all situations.

Look For the Best Clubs and Schools

If your child gets to the point where they grow out of local clubs and schools, you can help them achieve their potential by identifying the best institutions in the country. Football academies or the Royal Academy of Dance are renowned places that will give your child the skills to make it and achieve their dreams. There’s only so much you can teach them, so working with professionals will ensure they have all the support they need, potentially leading to success in the future.

Don’t Live Vicariously Through Them 

Parents who live vicariously through their kids are the worst. They are usually parents who had their own dreams of success but never made it, maybe because of an injury. While it’s reasonable to be happy for your child following their dreams, you mustn’t make it about yourself. You shouldn’t push your child if they don’t want to be pushed. This can make them fall out of love with their dreams and damage your relationship with them. 


If you’re a parent, you already know how fickle kids can be. They might show an interest in one hobby today, only to forget about it entirely tomorrow. But, if your kids show a genuine, lasting interest in something, you must do everything you can to help them achieve their dreams. 

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